Spring Valley Waters - Horbury

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Spring Valley Waters - Horbury


This is now a 2-lake complex, with the 2nd match lake having been dug over the winter period (2001). The water can be seen from the M1 motorway just passed Junction 39 as you head to Leeds. But to get to it, you have to go into Wakefield and head out towards Huddersfield, follow the signs for the Slazenger sports centre, a left turn onto Daw Lane then a right turn onto Green Lane, and follow the railway line down to the Motorway and you cannot miss the water.

The first of the ponds was dug about 6 years ago, and was used mainly for match fishing (match record stands at around 80 lb). The remains of the digging out are all around, and as such it can get rather muddy in mid winter. Fishing is from specific metal platforms over hanging the water, so lost tackle over the side is a real possibility. There are 37 pegs on this water named Nathan Lake.

The water features a number islands, but these don't tend to attract the larger fish, which tend to patrol the deeper water near the entrance of the lakes. A lot of small bits in here, which often win the matches when the carp are not interested, together with some beautiful tench up to 8lb. Pellet is the order of the day here, the hookable or expander pellets tend to do the best. All the local lads don't turn up until after 6 pm, which is when the serious action starts. Be advised to fish heavy as the carp average over 6lb, with some lumps up to 20lb. Find a feature such as a ledge and present your bait there, then hang on. Over 150lb of carp in the last 4 hours of the day is not uncommon on this water when the conditions are right. There are tench to 7lb, some very big eels that go well over 5lb, bream to a similar size. With ide to 4lb, chub to 3lb and also roach and rudd.

The second lake is a purpose built match lake that has been stocked with thousands of small carp up to the 1lb mark. There are although bigger carp in the water that run into double figures. It is a fish a chuck at the moment on any bait at all. Tench are present with better fish to 4lb, there are also a few barbel to 3lb, with roach and rudd to 2lb, but most shoal fish to 4oz. The fish will soon pile the weight on, and this should make for good sport. There are 52 pegs on this lake named Lake Victoria, with 5 foot at the far side and 3 foot at towards the first lake.

Sundays will see a match there, with no pleasure pegs until after 10.30 am.


Day tickets £6, with £3 after tea charged. Under 16's to be accompanied, fishing from dawn until dusk


Fishing is dawn to dusk, Barbless hooks only, no boilies, no keepnets.


from Wakefield city centre leave on the A642 Horbury Road, which ultimately will take you to Huddersfield. After about 3 miles from the centre you will drop under the M1, (Careful this road is full of speed cameras now). Back up the hill and around the corner and you are looking for the road Daw Lane on the left hand side (also there is a sign for Slazenger sports centre). Once on Daw Lane you need to turn left again onto Green lane follow this down as far as you can go, through the housing estate and the waters are at the bottom.


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