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Dickies Pond - Spring End Farm

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Water Name

Dickies Pond - Spring End Farm


A fairly new pond that is in effect only a farm pond in size, but has some quality fish in there that has been stocked by the farmer.  There are a good head of carp, chub, perch, roach, golden orfe and tench. The water is shallow with three islands. I would advocate sitting well back from the edge and fishing a couple of rod lengths out. Take a good selection of baits with you, as you can never tell what will catch when you get there.  This is a good pond for beginners as there are a lot of good quality roach and you can catch all day.  There is also a porta- loo on site as well.


Day tickets £5.00 or £2.50 after 4.oo pm, open dawn until dusk


No keep nets

You must have a landing net and it must be dipped before fishing
no net no fishing
Barbless hooks only
No ground bait
No upsetting the sheep!


The water is situated on the outskirts of Leeds on the A62 Geldard Road. Come off the M621 at Junction 1 and head back under the motorway towards Pudsey. At the first set of traffic lights you need to turn left, the Wheatsheaf Pub, is on this junction a the far side. Follow this road as it climbs the hill and as you drop down the other side, you will see some portakabins. This is where you need to turn right straight after them and as the road forks take the right hand one, which will take you, up a hill. As you get level with a row of conifers, the water is directly behind them - park in the car park to the right.


LS27 7NG


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