Clayton Ponds - Clayton Woods

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Clayton Ponds - Clayton Woods


These waters are tucked away at the side of the ring road at West Park, Leeds, (behind Wira business Park) in the woods. You can park at the top of Clayton Wood Rise, but please be mindful of the large vehicles entering the business premises at the top.

There are 2 ponds of roughly the same size (ΒΌ of an acre) that are situated dug into a hillside in the woods. The waters are very deep (up to 20ft) and always carry a lot of colour due to all the trees. The waters can, during hot spells suffer from a lack of oxygen, but generally they do fish well through the year. For some reason the bottom pond has got a lot of weed growth this year, which is limiting the places for fishing and tactics.

There are some decent carp up to 20lb in both ponds that do fall quite often to floating baits. The other main species in there is tench, which are the classic dark green and are caught up to 8lb. Early morning is the best time to target these fish, close in under the under hanging branches of a tree (especially on the bottom pond). If you can pre-bait a swim the night before and get there early and set up well away from the swim, you can catch up to 50lb before 6am with either corn of bread fished hard on the bottom close in. Maggot is a firm favourite and it is an excellent place to get new starters interested in fishing, as there are plenty of bites to be had.

The water also contains plenty of bream, roach and rudd (some very big hybrids up to 5lb), with the usual perch as a back up.

please note these ponds have been sold on, they are no longer under the control of the fox and hounds angling club, there seems to be no control over these ponds at the moment by the new owner so fishing is free, unless boards in the trees or persons tell you otherwise carry on fishing(if you are told you cannot fish these lakes due to them being private please could you advise a moderator on this site so details can be updated or contact Alan at Woodside Stores opposite the Woodside Tavern in Horsforth and he will contact the moderators for you, thanks)


As we understand these ponds are free at the moment


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You need the Leeds Ring Road at West Park. The water is behind the Wira Business Park, which is on the Right Hand side of the Road as you travel between the Lawnswood Roundabout (Weetwood Police station) and the Woodside Roundabout (Woodside pub) as you travel towards Horsforth. By parking on Clayton Wood Rise walk over the anti dumping hump at the very top and turn right into the woods and follow the paths heading towards 2 o'clock from when you first enter the woods.


LS16 6QN (factory in front of the ponds)


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