Alderfen Fishery

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Alderfen Fishery


Alderfen is managed by anglers for anglers, and each of the lakes was dug to our specifications. From its inception Alderfen has been created to provide a venue superior to any other coarse fishery, whether you are a Matchman, Specimen Hunter or a Pleasure Angler who just goes fishing once in a while.

There are 4 lakes set in a 23 acre nature conservation area with a hard standing access road. Car parking areas are provided by each lake. There are toilet facilities on site. The swims are clean, well-spaced and comfortable. The peace and tranquillity of the surroundings is guaranteed, catching the fish is down to you!

Match lake swims 25 to 30 are most suitable for the disabled angler as the track and swims are level and close to the car park.

There is a healthy stock of Pike to over 20lbs in the Carp Lake, Pike angling is permitted from 1st. October to last day  of March.Only dead-baiting is allowed, no lures or live baits. Sea dead baits only! All anglers must use a wire trace, barbless trebles and have a unhooking mat and unhooking tools. All fish must be returned to the water ASAP.

Few anglers have as yet fished for these Pike, so if you would like to catch an uncaught lunker get your dead-baits out. Maximum of 3 rods, price is £7.50 per day. All rods in same swim please!


Carp Lake: £7.50 per day (Ticket runs from midnight-midnight).

Specimen Lake: £5 per day (Ticket runs from midnight to midnight).

Match Lake & Sausage Lake: £5 per day (Fishing dawn-dusk only).

Senior Citizens discount  Mon-Thurs inc.

Match bookings please phone or use contact via email. No bookings are needed for pleasure fishing at Alderfen.

For latest fishing reports please phone.


Please note these rules are not designed to spoil your enjoyment or to stop you catching fish, they are simply in place to protect the welfare of the fish and the natural environment of the lakes and their surroundings. We want you to come and enjoy yourselves!

General Rules.

  • Leave no litter.
  • Vehicles must keep to the hard-standing.
  • All anglers must fish from the swims we’ve provided, don’t damage the bank side vegetation, we’ve planted thousands of young  trees in the last couple of years. Due to a few bad apples we have banned non-angling visitors although partners and well-behaved children are welcome. You may also bring your dog if it is kept under control but Please clean up after it. Toilets are provided, please use them. Many of our fish are worth a photo, Please make sure you return them to the water as quickly as possible.

If you see any blatant rule breaking or anti-social behaviour on site please contact the management on 07772 033398.

Carp Lake.

  • No nuts.
  • 12lb min line bs.
  • No long shank hooks.
  • All hooks must be barbless.
  • Max lead 2.5oz.
  • No leaders or braided main line.
  • No chod or helicopter rigs.
  • Each angler must have unhooking mat & large landing net.
  • No sacking for any reason and no fish to be removed.
  • A maximum of 3 rods are permitted.
  • Night fishing is allowed.

Specimen Lake.

  • Maximum 2 rods
  • No keep nets.
  • All hooks must be barbless.
  • Maximum Hook size 10.
  • No fixed leads or feeders, i.e. bolt rigs, helicopter or paternoster rigs.
  • Max lead or feeder 1oz.
  • Please use an unhooking mat.
  • Night fishing is allowed.

Match Lake & Sausage.

  • No keep nets unless in an official match.
  • Please use separate keep nets for Carp and Silver fish.
  • All hooks must be barbless, maximum size 10.
  • No fixed leads or feeders, no bungee feeders or loop rigs.
  • Landing nets to be used for each fish.

These lakes fish dawn to dusk only. (No night fishing).


Alderfen Fisheries are situated less than 5 miles from Robin Hood Doncaster/Sheffield airport.

Directions from Wroot.

Turn off the High Street by the Cross Keys Inn onto Firth Lane (signposted to Epworth) Follow Firth Lane for approximately 1 mile. The entrance to Alderfen is on the track on the left at the sharp right-hand bend. Please access the site by the second gate on the right hand side of this track.

Sat Nav users should use the address (Poles Bank, Wroot) as opposed to the post code as the post code is only recently issued.


Poles Bank, Wroot, Doncaster, DN9 2BG


07772 033398



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