Tyram Hall Fisheries

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Water Name

Tyram Hall Fisheries, Hatfield Woodhouse.


There are actually 5 lakes set in this very well presented complex situated on the outskirts of Doncaster. Day ticket fishing is available on 3 of them.

There is a syndicate lake and also a watersports lake. The facilities are excellent with onsite toilets and a cafe. Many of the pegs nearest to the parking areas have been designed with the disabled angler in mind.

The smallest of the waters is the Tench pond that is tucked away behind the members syndicate lake. It is 2 acres in size and due to the location doesn't get the attention that the fish stocks deserve. Depths range from between 5ft and 12ft. As you have probably guessed already the water holds a good stock of Tench to over 6lb. There are also Carp present to just short of double figures and also some very nice Bream that run to 6lb. There are many “Tenchy” related features to target but many swims do require a bit of work prior to fishing. The usual Carp and Tench baits will work here, Sweet corn into the margins will work best.

The coarse lake is an established water at over 8 acres in size with depths that average 8ft. The water holds some very good colour the year round and the good depths makes this water an ideal winter venue. It is surrounded by trees making it very comfortable when the weather gets inclement. There are plenty of features to fish to and there are comfortable pegs to sit in. There are some clonking bin lids in the water, the Bream average a little over 4lb but better fish go to over 8lb. There are some very good Chub that run to 7lb and respond well to constantly sprayed loose feed. There are plenty of silver fish with Roach and Rudd to 2lb but many shoal fish to 4oz. Carp and Tench are also present in this water with most fish a little over 4lb. There are also quite a few Perch over 3lb present.

The final lake available on a day ticket is the Carp lake which is of a similar size and depth to the coarse lake and is one of the most popular on the complex. Carp in this water go to 27lb with an average weight of 11lb, there are quite a few superbly marked ghost Carp to 15lb. The water is also popular with Pike anglers as fish to mid-twenties are present.

The Members only Carp lake at 6½ acres holds the biggest fish on the complex with Carp to 40lb, the majority of fish are over 20lb. There are pike present to 20lb with Bream to 9lb. This water does suffer with heavy weed during the warmer times of the year. Boilies take the majority of the big Carp on these waters. Liaison with the bailiff prior to turning up will put you on to the right brand that is doing well at the time of the visit. Floating baits also take their fair number of fish during the summer months. Towards the back end make them personalised with flavours and colours to get the best results. The usual sea dead-baits will take the pike during the colder months.


Day tickets £3.00 on the Coarse and Tench Lake, £6.00 on the Carp Lake or £12.00 for 24 hours


The owners or fishery manager reserve the right to amend or change a rule at any time if it is deemed to be detrimental to the fish or fishery.

If you find a grey area within our rules or are unsure of any parts - PLEASE ASK US.

It will be deemed as cheating if anglers do not keep to these rules and we will issue a 3 month ban. Clubs that do not adhere to the weighing-in policy (especially rule 3) will lose that match date in future bookings.

Please respect our fish, fishery and rules. Thank you.

Bait Rules

•These baits are banned - Artificial baits, lure rigs, boilies, surface floating baits (EXCEPT HOOK ONLY), bloodworm or joker, Nuts and seed baits or any particles except for sweet corn and hemp.

•Luncheon Meat/Spam - Maximum 2 small tins or 400grams.

•Ground bait allowed - 1 kilo limit in a feeder or cupped in only

•No liquidised, crushed, mashed or riddled baits - min size cubed bait is 4mm (crushed hemp is classed as ground bait & allowed within limit the 1 kilo limit).

•Paste, hook/banded/expanda pellets are allowed for HOOK BAIT ONLY.

•All feed baits to be used in moderation.

•No bait to enter the water after the match - please take it home or use the bin provided.

Fishing Rules

•Manufactured Barbless hooks only - max size 10.

•Anglers to lay their keepnets and landing net out behind their peg on arrival after they have been dipped and should put them in the lake no earlyer than 15 minutes before the start of the match.

•Your boundary is halfway between you and the next angler.

•Lifting and dropping allowed but no suspending of bait other than by a float.

•There should be a 4" minimum hook length hanging below the feeder.

•No Floating pole method (there should be at least 6” of line between pole tip and top of float.)

•The following are not allowed - Braid, bubble floats, feeding or cupping with a 2nd pole - only one pole or rod in use at any one time.

•No hand-lining – unless in extreme circumstances i.e. broken top section, foul hooked fish.

The owners and bailiffs reserve the right to refuse entry or ask an angler to leave due to any violation of the land, lakes or rules. They also reserve the right to change a venue at short notice due to any unforeseen circumstances.

Keepnet Policy

•All Lakes - 60lb maximum in a keepnet. 3 nets maximum, once you have 60lb in all 3 nets you may alternate the fish between each net - alert the adjacent angler that you are doing so.

•Movement of fish between nets is not permitted at any time on any lake.

•If an angler has over 70lb in a keepnet,(and they have not filled their 3 nets as stated above) that angler's whole weight from the day will be disqualified. Please note that 70lb is the upper limit – we would like 60lb in a keepnet. We would ask that all clubs adhere to this action due to fish welfare reasons.

•Keepnets and landing nets should be of a suitable size and be carp friendly material. and all nets must be dipped on arrival then left to dry before entering the lake.

•Do not put rocks and stones inside keepnets

Weighing In Policy

1.Carp/unhooking mats must be used. They can be borrowed from the fishery.

2.Do not tumble fish down the keepnet - it can remove scales and the protective mucus from the fish leaving it more susceptible to parasites and infection. Collapse the net and pull the 2nd/3rd ring from the bottom through the top on the keepnet.

3.Place the fish back to the water from the weigh bag/net i.e place the net/bag on the surface of the water and turn it inside out. Any club seen throwing fish back into the water from a height will lose that match date in future bookings.

4.Please note that it's good practise and to the benefit of all fisheries that you dry your nets after each match.


•Bait and tackle that is visible on an anglers peg will be deemed as in use.

•Please remove all litter from pegs including discarded line (we advise you cut it into small pieces)

•Ensure careful handling of fish at all times.

•All vehicles & equipment are left at their owner's risk.


Tyram fisheries is located on the A614 in between Bawtry and Thorne, but we are in easy access of The M1 (J32), A1 (j35) and M62 (J35). Simply get onto the M18 motorway and follow signs for M180 which is Junction 5, join the M180 for approx half a mile and take junction 1, at the roundabout take the 3rd exit (Signposted Doncaster), approx 1 mile there is Green Tree Car Sales and Green Tree Pub, turn left onto the A614 Signposted Bawtry and HMP Lindholme. We are located on the left hand side in-between Hatfield Woodhouse and Blaxton.


Bawtry Road, Hatfield Woodhouse, Doncaster, DN7 6DR


Mob: 07545 429361

Tel: 01302 840886




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