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Stubbs Hall Farm

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Water Name

Stubbs Hall Farm, Hampole, Doncaster.


This water is about 150 yards into South Yorkshire, due to the postcode address, as such it can be found in both the West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire sections.

This privately owned complex has 2 lakes; one is reserved for fly fishing with a bag limit and then a catch and return after. A 21lb trout currently holds the venue record. There is good access all the way around the lake so you can drop off your gear at your chosen peg. Vehicles can drive the whole way around you can park behind your peg in many cases. There are basic toilets on site so it is suitable for anglers with disabilities. The water is very exposed and even a gentle breeze causes a good ripple. When the wind is really blowing, the feeder or leger is the only method possible here. Apparently the fishing really turns off if the water is millpond flat. The coarse lake covers approximately 2 acres and is relatively featureless apart from the two central islands and depths that drop off very quickly to 10ft throughout its length. There are approximately 35 pegs on the water which are well spread out and all boast comfortable hard standing. Some could do with a bit of work doing on them to make them steady.

The water contains a good mixture of fish including 7 different types of Carp. Although there are plenty of smaller Carp in the 2 to 5lb bracket they do go very large with 37lb being the venue record. As such you will generally see a few bivvies set up with rods and pods put out. The water also holds lots of small Perch, Roach and Gudgeon making maggot the choice if numbers of fish is your fancy. There are also Chub and Barbel present but not of a notable size as yet. There are also some perfect Tench in this water averaging 2lb but better ones approaching 5lb are present. The Bream in the water run up to 12lb 14oz.

Steve (who suggested this water) caught over 90 Bream in one day with the fish averaging 5lb. To complete the mix of fish there are also Eels and Catfish plus the occasional Trout. If you manage to get a Catfish there is a large metal container full of water by the entrance and the owner asks that the catfish be put in here. They will then be relocated and in return you can have 14 days of free fishing on this water!

Without doubt it will fish all year round due to the depths. It truly is an unknown water in terms of what you are likely to catch ranging from smaller Carp to some of the monsters. A wide selection of baits is the best option with Caster, Corn, Worm, Cat Mea, Luncheon Meat and Pellets including larger ones for the hair rig. The water apparently performs much better after 7.30 pm in the evening with Trigga Boilies the current favourite for the larger Carp.


Day tickets for the coarse lake are £5 a day for one rod, OAPs and Under 16's £2.50. Tickets sold on the bank.


Barbless hooks only, night fishing is now allowed upon prior booking. All litter to be removed, strictly no dogs, no fish to be removed and no keepnets.


Stubbs Hall Farm is on the A638 between Doncaster and Wakefield. Leave Wakefield on the A638 and follow this road for the best part of 10 miles, going through Nostel and Ackworth. There is a sign on the right hand side of the road for Stubbs Hall Lakes, turn right here onto an unmade road down past the farm buildings, the road forks to the left, take this, passed the trout lake and park up on the left. If you have a load of tackle some of the swims have places for the cars behind.


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