Straight Mile Fishery

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Straight Mile Fishery, Brampton, Sheffield.


This is an established fishery situated not too far from Junction 31 of the M1 at Brampton. It is in all fairness an out and out match fishery that has a very busy schedule but is also available for day ticket fishing. There is one lake on the venue, it is laid out in such a fashion as to allow the maximum number of people to fish, to achieve this there are three islands that run the length of the pond, fishing is aloud round the edge of the pond and also from both sides of the middle island, the vast majority of pegs have an island to fish to.

As such the pole does feature very heavily here. To be fair you can often pick up fish right under your feet. There are marginal reeds which offer good cover for fish along with strategically placed shelves towards the middle and far banks. To reach the far bank of some of the swims would require a floating pole as it can be 20 metres in places. Most swims have an average depth of 6ft but some places are a little deeper or shallower than this.

There are limited facilities with a car park and also some very basic toilets. Access to the pegs which are platforms over the margins is good and pegs near to the car park are accessible to anglers with disabilities. It can get very cold when exposed to the wind which does whip across the water.

The owner is very approachable and willing to help where he can with baits, tactics and swims.

The water has been stocked sensibly to ensure that bites come all year long. There is a very big head of Roach and Rudd with better fish to over a pound. Put a maggot in the water and loose feed well and you can guarantee bites even in the coldest weather. The Carp do feature very heavily in the matches, fish approaching 20lb are present but many smaller samples make up the majority of the nets. There are also Chub present with the better fish going to 5lb that respond very well to a constant spray of feed. Once in the swim you can go through a lot of bait to keep them there, but a big net of Chub is well worth having. Not to everybody's taste there are also Barbel stocked in the water that have grown on very well to 7lb. They can make a serious mess of your delicately balanced pole rig.

Fishing in summer would see most anglers taking a variety of baits with them. Luncheon meat, corn, maggot and caster are the only baits allowed on the fishery and as such it would prove beneficial to have a selection of them all. Squats and pinkies would feature in a winter visit.


Day tickets are £4.00 with Concessions at £3.00.


All juniors must be accompanied by an adult.


Leave the M1 at Junction 31 and take the A57 towards Worksop. When you get to the first set of traffic lights take a left turn and after a short distance down this road you need to take a left turn into the lovely named Pocket Handkerchief Lane, follow this to the end and turn Left, you will find the fishery 200 yards on the left. 


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