Roundwood Ponds

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Roundwood Ponds, Rawmarsh, Rotherham.


There are two lakes at Roundwood, the first is the bigger lake shaped like a triangle, there are around 45 pegs on this lake but it is always packed and feels cramped. There is a big weed bed in the middle of the pond which makes Feeder and ledgering difficult. Bread fished at half-depth or pop-up Sweetcorn works (no Boilies). Float fishing produces the smaller fish as the bigger fish tend to back off from the bank. Floater fishing with dog biscuits or bread is also a good method. This lake has Carp to 20lb but they average around 3lb, Bream to 5lb, Roach to 1lb 8oz, Perch to 2lb and Tench to 5lb.

The second lake is the smaller lake with about 30 pegs on it. You can’t fish on the feeder or ledger on here so you can only really use the pole or floater fish. There are lots of smaller Carp to mid-doubles along with Tench to 4lb, Roach, Perch and skimmers. Both lakes get hammered day in, day out as you can also night fish the two lakes.

The fish are very finicky when feeding, the smaller lake is best in my opinion. There is also a third lake at Roundwood but it is impossible to fish as it is completely overgrown but I know someone who fished it years ago and got big Tench, Crucians and a 2lb Goldfish which he put in his pond.

There was news last year that a fourth lake was being built, but I don't know if plans have gone ahead. Lake usually has matches on and gets packed. Be there early for a peg.

Thanks, Luke Brazier.


£3 per day, it is £1 extra to night fish.


No keepnets, no barbed hooks, minimum elastic size 6, no Boilies, Pellets, Bloodworm or Joker. No ledgering on smaller lake.


Roundwood is another water in Rawmarsh, it is behind the Steelworks Offices just down the road from Asda. The entrance is just about opposite the Carwash\Rotherham Transport Museum entrance. Turn off the main road and veer left at the Security Gate\Steelworks entrance, follow the road until you reach the ponds.

CAUTION: The road is really not suitable for cars, if you like your car and it's suspension I would be very, very careful when you fish here.


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