Pebley Reservoir

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Water Name

Pebley Reservoir, Harthill, Sheffield.


This water has a lot of history behind it. It was initially constructed in the late 1800's to be used as a top up source for Chesterfield canal this still is the case today. Therefore the water level can change quite dramatically. The shallow pegs can be found near the top car park with the deepest being adjacent to the Dam wall where it drops to 18ft.

This is an all year round water, with the winter months providing good sport for the pike specimen hunters. The water carries a good stock of fish weighing 20lbs with many more fish over the 10lb mark. For those looking at breaking their personal best the pike can come out up to 33lb. Dead baiting will see the fish out when cold, the summer months will see the pike caught on lures and live baiting is allowed with fish caught at the water under 10oz.

A number of years ago the water was stocked with a lot of Bream and these fish are now averaging 3½lb. In 1994 there were 4000 12” Bream introduced into the lake and these fish are now in the 2-5lb range. Bream nets of the magic 100lb are achievable on this water as are fish into the double figures.

In common with a lot of other reservoirs this one also has a good stock of quality Tench, they will regularly come out approaching 6lb but they have been taken at weights approaching almost 10lb. With good waterside cover it is often wise to fish with two rods, one out with a feeder and the other close in, especially first thing when they are often caught on an inner line. Corn, bread, worm and more recently they have been taken on Boilies.

What is surprising about this water is the number of people who actually fish for the Carp. There are very few who target them, which is a shame because there are a lot of Commons and a lot of "big uns". There is also a lot of Perch and Roach which can be taken from anywhere on the reservoir. This combined with the price of the tickets make this an excellent all year round fishery.

The water is a British Waterways sublet, the current controller is Killamarsh Angling Supplies - 0114 251 4936, a friendly bunch who will answer any questions on the water.


Day Tickets are £4.00. Season tickets run for 12 months from date of purchase at £60.00. You can use 4 rods (With 2 licence's of course).


The gate is normally open from 7:00am and is locked at last light. 


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Killamarsh Angling Supplies - 0114 251 4936


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