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Lindholme Lakes

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Water Name

Lindholme Leisure Lakes, Don Farm, Idle Bank Road, Epworth, Doncaster


Beeches Lake

A 40 peg Match come pleasure Lake.

This Lake is the JEWEL IN THE ISLE OF AXHOLME, having first been our Trout only lake it has been built with comfort in mind ,with all pegs a generous 15-20 meters apart from one another. It is the most picturesque lake here at Lindholme with King Fishers, Cranes and a whole host of other birds and wildlife nesting on and around this special lake.

Beeches Lake is stocked with mostly f2 carp and are ranging up to 8lb in weight. There is a healthy head of Tench ,Ide, Breem and Chub also stocked.

Best Baits

Pellets, sweetcorn, meat & paste.

Match Record 278lb


The New Trout Lake

The Trout lake has been totally reformed with new casting arms in so the wind is not a problem on any day. It is a 8 acre lake with fresh weekly stocked Rainbows, Blues and Brown Trout up to 15lb in weight. The surrounding areas make this a haven for the hatching flies with dry flies being a great way of fishing in the evening rise. The Damsel Fly, Cats Whisker are the best lures and the small olive and red buzzers are best fished in a suspended string formation.

A fly fishing shop is planned to open in Feb 2012 and a Fly lounge, Coffee bar is also planned lake side to accompany the quality fishing we will offer in the new year.

The prices are all C/R after you have killed your first catch/catches.

  • 1 fish is £15
  • 2 fish is £20
  • 3 fish is £25
again full day tickets and catch and release after your first fish are killed.

There is NO sporting ticket only has we here at Lindholme like to see a steady turnover of fresh stocked fish to help the quality fishing we are renowned to supply .

Lake side parking is available in the car park provided.

Disabled anglers can use their own buggies in the summer months only. All the facilities here at Lindholme are allowed to be used for your pleasure if required.

Corperate days can be booked and weekly Fly only matches are being planned for early 2012 as the facilities are finished.

We are open from 1st Nov 2011 and the fishing is second to none and will remain that way.

Easy but quality fishing is being supplied here at Lindholme to help encourage the new people to Fly fishing and make it as enjoyable as possible. Tuition can be arranged through Carrilon of Bawtry by prior arrangement.

Tagged fish for prizes will be stocked again in the New Year for free days and special fly gear prizes.

Please see our fishing rules and anyone caught taking fish over their limit or using none fly only tatics will be band for life!


Bonsai Lake

85 Pegs: A Lake with a name to be remembered.

Bonsai Lake VOTED “THE BEST LAKE OF 2006-2007-2008-2009” BY Anglers votes.

This three-acre, 85-peg lake is one of the newer lakes at Lindholme and one of the flagship waters. At 85 pegs it contains tens of thousands of F1s averaging 1lb 8oz. This is the main venue used for the Fish O Mania qualifier and is regarded as the fairest venue on the complex.

The match record is 286lb, held by five times world champ Alan Scotthorne, a regular at the water.. The Bonsai Lake has been featured in notable magazines, newspapers, and major websites. In fact some discussion boards and forum pages of websites and other gaming websites are filled with inquiries about this famous lake.

All anglers have a small island to fish to ranging from 14m to 20m wide.

Bonsai is a mixed match lake with all pegs Disabled friendly.

Best Baits: Pellet, Paste, chopped worm, Maggots, Casters, Floating Baits (allowed in summer) Bread and Dog Biscuits.

Match Record: 286lb from peg 70.


Laurels Lake

A 70 Peg Lake with 6 arms makes an interesting Match Venue.

The Old Original Carp Lake, now the Laurels, covers over three acres and is stocked with Carp, Tench, Barbel, Bream, Perch, Chub, Roach and Rudd.

The Lake has 70 pegs, is six feet deep and the fish respond to Worm, Pellet, Paste and Casters.

Don’t neglect the margins on this big fish water. Match weights over 100lb are common. The match record is 175lb taken from peg 41 in 2006. It is a popular match and pleasure lake with over 50% of pegs having parking behind the pegs.

Best Baits: Pellets, Paste, Chopped Worm, Maggots, Casters, Floating Baits (allowed in summer) Bread and Dog Biscuits.


Loco Lake

A 50 Peg Lake.

The Loco is one of our largest lakes in regards to water volume, it is around 6 acres and is a mixed fishery with the biggest head of large Carp on the complex. All the match fish when they reach 15lb are removed into this HOME OF REST and it does fish well with 178lb being the match record in 2008.

It holds a large head of Barbel ,Ide, Tench and F1's and will produce a good fair match whatever the weather.

It is a quiet deep lake with a small chuck-able island in the middle.

Best Baits: Pellets, Maggots, Sweetcorn, Worms.


Oasis Lake

A 70 Peg Match and Pleasure lake.

All anglers are able to reach the far bank with 14m of pole. The pegs are spacious and offer parking behind each peg. Add to this, a healthy stocking policy and this makes one of the best and fairest Match and Pleasure lakes around.

This is the newest of all our lakes, in the shape of a 700 meter long canal style lake with all pegs being approx 14 meters wide to the far bank.

It has been extensively stocked with F1 Carp along with a large head of Barbel, Carp, Ide and Orfe all being put in to make this a contender for the Bonsai Lakes reputation as the best lake in the country. Only time will see but a lake to be considered for that special days Match or Pleasure fishing. NO walking round allowed when Matches are in progress.


The Strip

This one acre Lake appeals to the smaller Clubs who want a venue to themselves for their Club Matches. The Strip is full of Carp to 8lb making it very easy and a fair lake for all standards of Angler.

The Strip Lake was stocked with 15,000 small Carp in 2004 and some quality Tench to 9lb 2oz. To keep this small lake’s large stock healthy, water is pumped into the lake and allowed to run out the other end every day, keeping the water quality near perfect.

A Further 2000 small Barbel and some larger 5-9lb Carp were introduced in 2007. This is a 24 Peg match lake with a match record of 126lb.

Best Baits: Pellets, Corn, Worms, Maggots and Casters.


The Willows

A 60 Peg popular Match & Pleasure lake 5 arms.

A 60-peg, 3 acre match lake that was originally part of the Big Lake. It holds mainly F1s to 1lb 8oz and Carp to 10lb, plus Tench, Ide, Chub, Barbel and Silvers. The match record stands at 177lb from peg 44. Average depth is six feet.

Mainly Pole work here with 4-6mm Pellets or Caster in summer months and Maggot or Worm in the colder winter months. Over 50% of pegs allow parking beind.

Best Baits: Pellets, Paste, Chopped Worm, Maggots, Casters, Floating Baits (allowed in summer) Bread and Dog Biscuits.

Match Record: 177lb from peg 44.


Please make sure you are familiar and abide by our Lake rules.


Day ticket prices for 2009 are £6 per day with Concessions at only £5.


Our Match rules for Club matches:

  • 2 Keepnets required for all matches and must be dipped before use
  • Groundbait with polecup or feeder only
  • Method feeders must not be fixed rigs and not elasticated
  • Garbolino Lindholme feed pellets only
  • Barbless hooks only max size 10
  • Floating baits are to club rules not allowed in open matches
  • No Cat or dog meat
  • No Dogs allowed around lakes
  • No Litter or tab ends to be left on bank
  • Fishermen must sit at a peg (not on bank)
  • All anglers must be off site before 9pm in summer (dark in winter)

Extra rules for open Matches:

  • 16mtr pole length
  • If you want to use a dolly butt on the end of your 16mtr section you MUST measure your pole between the measuring poles
  • NO slapping or tapping poles
  • You must use a FLOATING float
  • A bead must be under you method or feeder to stop fixing
  • NO knots above your feeder


Directions to us:

- MI8

- M180 towards Grimsby

- Take Junction 1 off towards Scunthorpe/Doncaster (300yards).

- TAKE 2nd Turning off roundabout towards Scunthorpe A18.

- Follow road for about 3 miles and take 2nd turning off on right towards and sign posted Sandtoft.

- Follow road over bridge(m180) and down towards 5 lane junction.

- Take 3rd road off (straight ahead with your eyes) towards wroot.

- Follow road for 1 mile and we are on the right sign posted with big blue signs.




01427 872905 or 01427 875555 or 07785 752222



This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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