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The River Wharfe

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Water Name

River Wharfe


The River Wharfe begins its journey from Cam fell in Lancashire and meanders its way for almost 70 miles until it joins the River Ouse near Cawood in North Yorkshire. The river is at its most scenic and varied in the Yorkshire Dales, and offers a wide range of fishing for coarse and game anglers alike. The majority of the upper river is suited to the Trout and grayling angler, towards the lower reaches the general coarse angler is provided with a haven of wonderful peaceful exciting fishing.



The fishing up at Buckden is fairly spread out, but it is set in some of the most stunning scenery this country has to offer. The pike standing at over 2000 feet is a big attraction. The waters themselves are not renowned for the general course fishing. But more so for the Trout and Grayling fishing it offers.

The water is controlled by the Bradford City Anglers Association who run just over 2 miles of the water downstream on the right hand bank from the bridge in Buckden. The club have put quite a few signs on the banks to aid with the fishing rights. There is a limit of 2 fish over the 12 inch mark pay day. Both fly and baits are allowed.

Day tickets to be purchased prior to fishing from Delgarth Holiday Cottages, 10 Delgarth in Buckden Tel: 0175 6766877

Directions You will find Buckden on the B6160, which is approximately 10 miles above Grassington. As you come into the village take a left, by the bridge by the Buck inn for access to the water.

Kettlewell/ Kilnsey.

This is a private fishery, with very limited Day tickets to the 11 miles of controlled water. Again a typical trout and grayling venue, which is only open during the trout season.

Contact The Tennants Arms, Kilnsey 01756 752301.


The majority of this 6 mile stretch of the river is held by the Appletreewick, Barden and Burnsall Angling club with fishing from both banks. There is plenty of history attached to this club and the President is His Grace the Duke of Devonshire. Some of the stretches of this river are wide and shallow and offer some great trout and grayling sport on the fly. There are although quite a lot rules regarding angling.

The river has a good stock of brown trout and resident Grayling average about 3/4 a pound but better fish have been taken to the pound and a half mark.

The extent of the fishery is from Linton Stepping Stones to Barden Bridge.

Day Tickets from the Red Lion or the Fell Hotel both in Burnsall between 1st June to 30th of September (No Saturdays or Sundays in June and September for trout only. Grayling between 1st of November to last day in January. Fly fishing only with a 6 bag limit.

Bolton Abbey.

This is a very popular spot for people visiting the area and does get very busy during the summer months and especially at the weekends. This can have an adverse effect on the fishing as people skim stones across your swim and play fetch with the Afghan hound version of Digby fetching a small tree trunk.

The water has a number of shallows with very clear water which runs through some stunning scenery. Again the water is dominated by the brown trout which are numerous due to the fact that the estate has its own hatchery within the grounds. There is a little of over 5 miles of water that runs between Barden Bridge following the water downstream to Kexbeck. Fishing is allowed from both banks.

The trout season runs from 1st of April each year to 30th of September inclusive fly fishing on barbless hooks only. Additionally you can fish for Grayling from the 1st of October to the last day of the year. Two fish per day over 10lb allowed.

Day tickets from the Estate Office Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm 01756 710227. Weekends contact the Post office at Bolton Abbey.


This where the rivers starts for me in terms of quality coarse fish with plenty of Chub to over 4 lb inhabiting some truly undercuts under the trees and the back waters. This is the water where I had my first Grayling, a truly beautiful fish at a couple of ounces under the 1lb mark. Although there have been fish caught at almost 3lbs over the last couple of years.

Myddleton Angling Club run the stretch between the Old Town Bridge upstream to the upper limits at Cocking End. The club was founded as far backs as 1896 and in those early days the River Wharfe at Ilkley not only held good stocks of wild brown trout and grayling but also Atlantic salmon were present in large numbers. The industrialisation of the area led to deterioration of the water quality and the fish went missing for almost 100 years. As the large scale industries died the quality has return and also there have been reports of these fish being taken. The club stocks the water twice each season with 200 takeable size brown trout of a size range between llb.4ozs to 2lbs. Although with this and the natural population of the trout, means that the average fish is between 6 and 8 inches. Problem Members only stretch.

From the New Ilkley Bridge to the Stepping Stones on the Denton Road, the Ilkley Angling Club has the rights for the river. The fishing is restricted to fly or worm only, although this can still produce quality coarse fish, with plenty of chub, Dace and grayling being taken.

The bag limit for the trout is 4 fish, with a size limit of over 11lb, Sundays is members only. Open for the trout season only and additionally for Grayling only to the end of February.

Day Tickets from the Library, Runnymeade Newsagents, Lock Stock and Barrell, Guiseley, Angling and Country Sports Otley.

Caution the banks are very shallow and when there is extra water running through it can be very dangerous place to be here.


This is another stretch of the river that offers Day ticket fishing and holds some good stocks of brown trout, Grayling and general coarse fish. The rights run from the Bermsley Beck downstream to just before the High Mill Caravan Park.

Day tickets from The Post Office in Addingham.

Pool / Castley.

With this part of the water being so close to home I have spent most of my river time here. The water has some very steep banks, and with deep and shallow glides offers some real variety of fishing here. This is probably the first spot on the water where you are likely to encounter Barbel, although they are not that many of them to target.

The water is run by the Leeds and District Angling Association with roughly about 5 miles of water to fish from the left hand side bank as it runs downstream. From the River Washburn Confluence to Castley Beck, below Artington.

Again there are plenty of trout in this water, with both fly and bait being allowed. There are Chub to 4lb, but most in the 2lb range. Grayling with better fish over th 2lb mark, Roach averaging 6 oz, Dace to 8 oz averaging 3 oz. Eels to 3lb with Pike to 15lb with the odd rogue carp topping 20lb (escapees from Knotford and Bradford waters at Otley). The water does tend to move quite quickly through here, but during the summer months the water extraction from higher up the Wharfe can have a very dramatic effect on the fishing, with the shallows becoming very shallow.

Day Tickets from the Shell Garage at Pool £4.00 per day. Angliing and Country Sports, Otley.

Linton, Collingham, Wetherby.

Quite a lot of water here and some outstanding fishing to be had. There is a total of 2 miles of bank to access here on the Right Hand side downstream from Linton Bridge to Wetherby weir (precluding Wetherby Wood and the side of the Golf Course).

Again the water continues to hold good numbers of trout throughout this length, subject to the trout season. The coarse fishing is particularly good during the winter months with good stretches of deeper water by the weir in Wetherby holding massive shoals of Roach and Dace.

The Linton stretch of the water is particularly noted for the very good shoals of chub, with small lures accounting for plenty of fish, if a change from the norm is required. Fish average around the 3lb mark, with the better fish approaching 5lb. The water also holds a number of good barbell with a bed of hemp and large particle bait the recognised approach for targeting the fish. Again there is Grayling also resident in the shallower stretches up to 2lb.

Day tickets £2.50 from The Post Office or Star Garage at Collingham. Touchwood- an ironmongers in the High Street, near to the Harris pub, Wetherby. Day ticket holders are not allowed to fish below the weir at Wetherby.

Collingham & Wetherby, River Wharfe

Wetherby & District A.C Tickets £3 in advance from the newsagents in Collingham.

There are three main access points for this length. The top length is below Linton Bridge , from the A58 enter Collingham and follow the road signed Otley and Harewood in the middle of the village. Turn right after a few hundred yards, signed Linton, then look for the car park on the right before the bridge. For the middle length park at the church in Collingham, head through the graveyard and follow the path down to the river (no fishing in Collingham Wood). The lower length is accessed by parking at the swimming pool in Wetherby, just upstream from the stone bridge.

The length below the bridge can produce stunning nets of chub, especially in the colder months and particularly to trotted baits. There are good numbers of grayling and dace, with some barbel present. The area behind the church is again productive for chub, with a better head of barbel. There are good numbers of trout here as well as the grayling and dace. There is also a good number of pike. The lower length, from above the weir heading upstream, is especially productive in the colder months. Here good nets of roach and dace can be taken in all but the worst conditions. There are good numbers of specimen perch here in addition to the other usual species. Our very own diarist, Moomoo, was the captor of two carp here, so it can produce a few suprises.

Boston Spa.

This is one of Steve Halksworths favoured places, especially doing well targeting the resident barbel that run into double figures. The fishing is split up into 2 lengths with authority for the rights being again divided into 2 clubs.

Fishing is from the RHS banks going downstream. The first stretch is known as the Spa Baths length and is about 3/4 a mile in length running from the road bridge in Boston Spa. The second stretch runs from the Old Gas Works to Newton Kyme about 2 miles in length and controlled by Boston spa Angling Club.

Again a cracking part of the world and is a wonderfully peaceful spot to watch the world go by. The true nature of the river holds a whole host of features that will all hold fish should you have the time to explore them. The water has recently been targeted by large numbers of anglers targeting the Barbel. The water is literally full of them with the majority being around the 4lb mark, but plenty of other fish being recorded over the magic 10 lb mark. I am told that plenty of hemp and caster is a way of attracting the fish with caster on the hook as an effective way of connecting with them. Again the water is also renowned for the quality of its resident chub. Fish do run to nearly 6 lb, and nets of 15 fish a day are not uncommon. Again lure fishing is also effective for taking these fish. The water also holds some quality Perch to 3lb 8oz. As ever the Grayling are present to a 1lb, quality Dace to a 1lb with most about 6 oz. Specimen Roach to 2lb are also present. Pike to high doubles are also present, they tend to congregate around the road bridge and below the wier. Whene ever I speak of the Wharfe here, everyone tells me not to use groundbait and also that large feeders tend to spook the fish. Another top tip is to keep the loosefeed going in.

There is few places that are strictly private and these should be observed if goodwill is to be maintained. No wading allowed in the Newton Kyme stretch and no cast to go beyond the half way mark.

Day tickets no longer from Lower Wharfe anglers closed last november,3 places to get tickets 1. Acomb tackle at york, 2. kirgate anglers in leeds,3. local paper shop in Boston Spa next to costcutter - Thanks to Steve Brown - and RobP


The Wharfe as it makes its way through Tadcaster is characterised by steep banks and often uncomfortable fishing. The water is run by three separate organisations here. The first stretch is run by the Britannia Inn, who issue their own tickets, its only about 200 yards in length on the left hand bank downstream from the main road bridge across the river. You can gain access to this stretch from the public car park situated to the rear of the pub itself. The next stretch on the end on the Britannia Inn is Tadcaster Angling Club who has about a mile and a half (ending at the sewage outlet.) Fishing is from the right hand bank downstream.

The water itself is very popular and has a very busy match scene on the weekends. Day ticket fishing is probably the best at midweeks or prior to a match the next weekend. The water holds a very large head of Dace, Roach, Chub, Bream and some quality Barbel. You can although be pestered quite a lot by the eels that are also present.

Tickets available from the The Chocolate Box Newsagents ,28 Kirkgate Tadcaster.LS24 9AD Adults £2.50 Childs £1.00

The final owners of the fishing rights is a Leeds club, with the water running from the end of the Tadcaster Angling club stretch for almost 2 miles on the left hand bank downstream. The left bank fishing stops about a 3/4 of a mile from the railway Bridge at Ullerskelf (Signed), where it transfers to the right hand bank right up to the railway bridge (no fishing below the bridge). The water continues to hold a very large head of Dace, Roach, Chub, Bream and also some flounder and eels.

Tickets from the Leeds tackle shops and also the Ullerskelf Arms pub near to the railway bridge.

Bolton Clow.

The angling rights for this water are held by the Leeds and District ASA, and consists of over a mile of downstream left hand bank fishing from Ulleskelf Bridge. The water is noticeably tidal at this point which is reflected in the banks which are much more sloped than those further up the river. It is also match fished quite heavily on a weekend. It is a bit difficult to find if you are unsure of the access. Once you cross the Tadcaster Bridge and go up the hill on the brow take a right turn into Oxton Lane towards Bolton Percy and take a second right to the village. To the junction and turn right and head to the farm where there is some parking allocated.

Tickets from most Leeds tackle shops and the Crown Inn which is near to Bolton Percy Church.


Clubs / Associations set their own prices, please check with stretch owner.


Clubs / Associations set their own rules, please check with stretch owner.











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