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River Ouse

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Water Name

River Ouse


Thorpe Underwood.

This stretch of the Ouse is a part of the impressive Leeds ASA collection of waters. It is predominantly a very popular winter venue as the river is incredibly deep through this 4 mile stretch, with depths in some parts approaching 18 foot. There is a very popular winter league on this stretch and most weekends through the colder months are booked for matches. There are approximately 22 well spaced pegs at this venue.

The water holds a very good head of Roach best fish to 2lbs most average 5oz, Chub to 5lb 8oz, a sprinkling of Bream (2lb) and the odd nomadic barbel 6lbs. As with most of the Ouse there is also quite a number of Pike present ranging from Jacks to fish in the low doubles. The water also holds a good natural stock of trout. The Bolognese rods work well here with the large depth, but maggot, caster and bread through run through on the float can also account for good nets of fish.

Contact with Leeds ASA is advisable as the rule on day tickets is a bit hard to discover with conflicting information the norm.

The water runs from just under Thorpe Underwood Wood to a notice board at Widdington Hall.

Directions - On leaving York you need to take the A59 Harrogate road. Turn right at Green Hammerton onto the B6265 north towards Boroughbridge. After a mile turn right into the road signed to Thorpe Underwood and follow the river to the riverside bungalows on the left.

Widdington Hall.

As you look at the river flowing downstream the Leeds ASA again lease about 800 tards of the right hand bank. The fishery runs from the Widdington Hall marker board all the way down to Linton weir. Again check on availablityfor day tickets prior to travelling. Although not as deep as the previous stretches it is quite deep in its central channels and does to tend to carry the water when better when the river is higher.

The fish stocks are of a similar nature to the above.

Directions - Leave York on the A59 which is towards Knaresborough. You will cross the Skip bridge over the Nidd, and then take the first right towards Nunn Monkton. Before you get into the village you need to take a left and pick up the signs for Widdington. When you come to the Widdington Farm, find some where to park (not that easy) and access the water through a gate at the side of the farm, make your way across the fields to the river.

Linton on Ouse.

Again this is water that is leased by the Leeds ASA additionally. Although not a big length of water there are just short of 30 pegs here running the distance of two farmers fields. This is in a fantastic part of the world if you enjoy your airplane spotting as the nearby RAF base provide plenty of entertainment if the fishing is slow. He fishing again looking downstream is on the left hand bank. As it is a Leeds ASA water check prior to going as the day ticket rules are unclear.

The water offers a whole host of features for you to target a bait to, whether it be overhanging trees ar the various creases the water throws up. Again the water, although not as deep as the two previous venues on the river, it nonetheless drops in places down to over 10 foot.

The fish present run to decent sizes, Roach have been taken to just over 2lb, the chub have dropped the scales down to 5lb 8oz. Barbel, although not in numbers have weighed in at 6lb 9oz. There is still a good presence of Pike, with larger fish to over 10lbs taken each winter. Again the trout are present in the stretch.

Directions - This time when leaving York you need to take the B6265 road heading towards Boroughbridge , on entering Little Ouseburn take the first left signed to Aldwark Bridge (a toll bridge at 15p or so). On the other side of the bridge take the first right, and entry to the water is just before you get to the village, proceed through the Linton top Fishery (members only) and you will see a sign which signals the start of the Leeds water.

Linton Lock.

01904 848486. This area of the Ouse is very popular with people who are not fishing. The water is easy access and the Lock runs pleasure boats at this location. As such especially during the summer months fishing through the busy day and weekend periods can be almost impossible. Boats are available to hire for fishing although. The water runs for one filed below the weir on the left-hand bank looking downstream.

The water does run very slowly through this part as the river is very wide at this point. There are some awesome features on the far bank, that a boat would get your right in amongst and most look really pikey and chubby. There is the whole host of coarse fish here, and a good healthy stock of trout.

Tickets are available form the shop situated on the lock.

Directions - As above from York to Linton on Ouse, when in the village go straight through and look for the sign advertising the lock on the right and follow the track down. Car parking fees are applied.

Newton on Ouse.

01132 4822373 This again is an absolutely stunning stretch of the river, especially from the top of the bend looking towards the church. The river is very wide and allows a nice steady pace. Although not as deep as the upper stretches, most of this 33 peg stretch is over 8 feet deep. It is again run by the Leeds DASA and does have regular matches on its length.

This stretch is well known to hold a good number of Barbel with better fish approaching 8lb 9oz, but most fish just short of 5lb. Big lumps of meat work well here, but take a selection such as meatballs, speciality meats and also big lumps of luncheon meat. Don't fish too light as the water has many hidden snags down the inside. Chub are also present with better fish to 4lb. Roach and perch run to nearly 2lb, with eels to the same weight. Bream are often targeted in the matches as fish upto 8lb are often recorded amongst catches.

Day tickets at £3.00 are available on the bank, there is no night fishing allowed.

Directions - Leave York on the A19 towards Thirsk, go through the village of Shipton and look for the left hand turn signed to Newton on Ouse, and follow this road until you come to Kyle Bridge, park in the lay by there and walk down to the river, fishing is from the left hand bank looking downstream from the bottom of the Linton Lock field for about half a mile to Kyle Beck.

Widdington - Nun Monkton.

As you look downstream, this is the Right Hand Bank fishing of about just over three quarters of a mile. This water is leased by York and District AA, with day tickets available from Skip Bridge Filling Station. It in effect is the opposite bank to Linton Lock and the above water at Newton on Ouse.

Direction - Leave Yorks on the A59 towards Knaresborough, go over the Skip bridge which is the River Nidd, take the first right heading towards Nun Monkton, find a suitable place in the village to park. At the end of the village green is a footpath and then get sponsorship as you have a long walk of about one and a half miles upstream to where the fishery begins.

Nun Monkton.

This is again a Leeds DASA water that runs for about for a little over 1 and half miles of the right hand bank as you look downstream, and starts at the end of the above York water to the top of the field above Nun Monkton Village .

The river here takes on a different guise. It is not as deep, and as a result it does tend to run a bit faster. With the addition of a feature in every peg makes the fishing much more interesting. It is well know for its barbel, with plenty of fish caught each year at 8lb. The stretch also holds some very good shoals of Chub, that hang under the many features. If fishing for both these species then the advise is not to fish too light as you will get done. The water also supports the other general coarse fish species, with Perch and Roach running to 2lb. Dace are also present along with Bleak. It is this stretch that a local angler took a 17lb salmon in 1984.

There is no night fishing day tickets are available from the Alice Hawthorne Hotel in Nun Monkton. Most weekends through the summer will have matches booked.

Directions - As above, but just before you gointo Nun Monkton take a left towards Widdington and then take the first right to the farm. Park here appropriately in the car park which is just through the farm yard. There are then signs directing you to the river.

Redhouse - Moor Monkton.

This stretch is controlled by York AA, and is 3 miles in length, and also features fishing on the Moor Monkton Lagoon. The river is still quite deep with holes to 15 foot, but most areas having 10 to 12 foot. The banks are not as steep as the waters already featured, but some of the pegs are quite a walk from the lagoon parking. There are still plenty of features to fish to. This stretch also has very good shoals of bream present with better fish to 8lb, but average 3lb. Chub run to 5lb, there are quite a lot of eels to 4lb. Perch have been recorded at over 3lb and several Barbel approaching 10lb

The adjacent lagoon is very well run with 45 pegs which are well spread out and well maintained. Pike are the target through the colder months with mid twenties recorded each year. Perch are also taken again at over 3lb. Other fish include Roach to 1 1/2 lb, bream to 8lb and again eels at 4lb.

Day tickets are £4.00 which must be purchased prior to fishing from most of the York tackle shops. Fishing is from dawn until dusk. Both waters observe the traditional close season.

Directions - Leave York on the A59 towards Knaresborough , through Hessay and then take a right turn towards Moor Monkton. The road then forks and you need to take the right one leading down to the river and lagoon, parking is available here.

Moor Monkton - Leeds DASA water.

This is only a short strecth that runs from the mouth of the Nidd to the Water works. It is clearly signed by the Leeds club and offers some very good fishing. The water gain here is very deep with areas down as far as 18 foot. The tactics tend to be dominated by slider or leger fishing.

Fish stocks as above.

Day Tickets £3.00 in advance from most of the York Tackle shops.

Directions - as above as you come into the village turn right following the signs for Red House School . Parking is by the water works, alternatively for the other end by the Laund House Farm.

Benningbrough Park.

This is the opposite bank to the Nun Monkton Length, controlled by York and District ASA it has a little over 2 miles of the left hand bank as you look downstream. There are plenty of bends in this stretch and plenty of features to have a go at.

Fish stocks as at Nun Monkton.

Directions - Leave York on the A19 towards Thirsk. Take a left turn in Shipton for Benningbrough on Back lane. For the upper part of the river parknear to the lodge gates, unpack and take the fence down to the river. For the lower part of this stretch go into the village, cars can be parked sensibly on the verge and the river again is found behind the fences.

Nether Poppleton.

To say this stretch is not that far outside York , it is surprising how quiet the area is. The river itself is spectacular as it has trees both sides of this 3/4's of a mile stretch that turns towards the centre of York . Leeds and District ASA have the rights here of the right hand bank as you look downstream. The river is incredibly deep with central depths over 20 foot and the near and far side banks often more than 10 and 15 foot respectively. It is not an easy stretch to fish that is very clear. But the rewards can be, big Pike are present to mid twenties, barbel go 7lb but not that many of them. It is noted for bream and Roach at 8lb and 2lb respectively. The railway bridge near the tope end is a noted Bream area. Chub are also present, better fish to 6lb and Perch and eels to 2lb.

Day tickets £3.00 on the bank (season tickets for Leeds DASA are £35.00). Dawn until dusk fishing.

Directions from the ring road take the A59 towards Knaresborough and follow the signs for Nether Poppleton, and park by the Church and access the river there.


This is a 1 1/2 mile stretch of the left hand side bank looking downstream from the notice sign at Church Farm in Overton to the bungalow which is situated below the railway bridge. It is leased by the York and District AA and is mainly a silver fish venue, wit a sprinkling of trout.. It is match fished extensively on weekends.

Day tickets available from York tackle shops.

Directions -Take the A19 out of york towards Thirsk, between the villages of Skelton and Shipton there is a left turn down Stripe Lane . You can park at the top of here (considerately) and walk down the footpath to the river.


This is the river on the outskirts of York , but within the ring road, and starts at the end of the Overton Fishery. It is controlled by the York and District AA club, with the water running towards the centre of York . There is no fishing for 100 yards in front of the Bungalow at the end of Landing Lane (Private).

Although full of features the water is again dominated by small silver fish, and is again widely match fished on weekends.

Day tickets from most York tackle dealers.

Directions - Leave York on the A19 towards Thirsk and park in the layby prior to the ring road (known as Fairfield lay-by which is an old road0 immediately prior to the Tom Cobliegh Pub. Entry to the river is gained via a path just before the bridge near lay-by on the new bypass.

York Centre.

There is probably just over 2 miles of free fishing inside the city of York . Although you are not likely to catch a specimen within the confines of the city walls. One thing is for sure, the fishing is free and often on comfortable concrete banks with adjacent parking.

There are plenty of Roach and Bream shoals to target, with fish in the 2lb and 5lb bracket caught regularly. As there is a lot of duck feeding taking in place it is not surprising that bread always features well in the catches from this area of the river. There are also pike in these areas, attracted by the silver fish shoals. Sea dead baits work well, with fish to 32lb caught in recent years.


This stretch of the Ouse that leaves the city centre on its way South is run by York and District AA. The water is a little narrower than the stretches through the centre, but still retains its depth. As with the stretches to York centre this part of the river is very busy during the warmer months with boat traffic. Although most will respect the anglers and the speed limits, you will still get the occasional idiot. The wash in a number of pegs can result in your tackle getting washed away in the wake if you are not careful.

In total the club have just over 1 and half miles of the left hand bank as the river runs downstream, starting at the moorings at the pumping station right down to the (at times) very unpleasant sewage works.

This stretch, although full of bankside features tends to be restricted to the smaller silver fish species. Although I am sure that there are Chub and barbel present, they may be hard to find. The number of boats does tend to put people off really having a good go at finding them. Roach are the dominant species with better fish to a pound and half, but averaging 4oz. Perch to a pound, shoals of bleak and dace are also present. Eels do feature with fish to 1lb taken.

Day tickets £2.00 available from all the York Tackle dealers.

Directions - From York city centre take the A19 towards Selby this time. Just before you get to the A64 junction take the B1222 towards the village of Naburn . There is a lay-by at the side of the river on Landing Lane , or if you to the other side of the A64, you can park sensibly on the verge. Then follow the footpath that runs alongside the A64 down to the river.

Acaster Malbis.

This part of the Ouse which is less than a mile of the right hand bank looking downstream is leased by the Leeds and District ASA again. Again this part of the water is chock a block with boats, with many of them being moored up on the stretch additionally. This can although provide a feature to throw a feeder at, but most of the time it can be a very long cast, with lost of line exposed to the passing boats. The fishing rights start at the railway bridge and ends at the notice board near to the Ship Inn. You can only fish this water from the 11 of October to March the 14 th each year.

The river is again wide and deep here, and as fishing is only through the winter months it is quite popular as a Roach fishery where decent winter bags of 10lb are on the cards for those wishing to put the time in. The swims are often tricky to get to, but some do have landings that make comfortable fishing.

Day Tickets £2.50 from the Leeds and York Tackle shops.

Directions - From the A64 take the Acaster Malbis turning off and head towards the village and go all the way through. There is a gate that gives entry to the water situated near the Ship Inn. Parking is not easy, the advice being to leave them on the grass verges near to the Railway bridge.


Clubs / Associations set their own prices, please check with stretch owner.


Clubs / Associations set their own rules, please check with stretch owner.











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