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The River Foss

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Water Name

River Foss


Rising near Yearsley the Foss then enters Oulston Reservoirs, also known as Pond Head, before winding its 22 some miles to York where it joins the Ouse. In the late 18 th century the river from Sheriff Hutton to York was canalised. It is the canalised section Ill be dealing with. Most of which is free fishing (though I cant guarantee this), apart from a couple of lengths around Strensall and Towton controlled by YDAA.

Within the city there is limited access to the river do to the river side buildings.

Starting at its confluence with the Ouse, we have the Foss Basin. Famous as a winter pike venue and rightly so, producing fish in excess of 30lb. It also of other species with good catches of roach, perch skimmers and recently chub possible. Fishing mainly from stone embankments some four foot above the water does present problems when pike fishing, a longer then usual landing net handle is needed, both to get the fish out and to return them. An unhooking mat is also essential.

For the silver fish and perch maggot or caster under a float are the best bets, with sea dead baits and lives accounting for the pike.

Parking is available in the public car park St. Georges Field, next to the venue. In summer a lot of pleasure craft and tourist boats run from the Basin so it doesnt tend to be fished much then, exempt by local kids.

Next stop upstream is the Red Bricks, behind the BT exchange off The Stonebow, again parking available in a public car park during the day and on the road side morning and evening..

There is only room for 3 or 4 anglers here. The river is only 20 wide at this point so the pole scores well. Again maggots, caster, hemp and bread punch will all do well, with the usual suspects present, plus tench, which can also be taken on corn.

Next we have a mile long stretch between Monk Bridge and Yearsley Bridge. On the right hand bank fishing is from a concrete bank split in two by roadside section. The left hand bank is the usual mud, goo and plants of a country side like setting. There can be extensive weed growth along this section along with large patches of the yellow flowered lily looking Brandy Bottle plant. It generally pays to fish along the edge of these patches. As the river is only 20 to 30 the same tactics as the previous section all work here, with even more tench present, along with perch and bream to nearly 3lb.Parking is available at various points along Huntington Road.

Upstream of Yearsley Bridge the river averages less than 20ft wide and 2ft to 3ft deep. Winding its way through countryside and housing estates, this is wandering country.

Float fished bread will take pristine roach to around the pound mark and bigger bits accounting for chub in excess of 5lb, although free-lined lob worms and black slugs generally take the larger chub. Maggot and worm taking gudgeon and perch. Barbel are also present, but as yet Ive not seen one. Ive also had good fun fly fishing some of these stretches.

Parking is available at various road side locations along these lengths, but some walking to find the fish will still be required.

SteVe Cook


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