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Pool Bridge Farm - Wheldrake

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Water Name

Pool Bridge Farm


Pool Bridge Lakes is a well established complex run by Dave Fletcher and his sons. It boasts four picturesque, well stocked lakes set in tranquil countryside. There is an on-site catering van that provides high quality and reasonably priced sandwiches and meals everyday excluding Mondays. All four lakes are situated in close proximity to the amenities and offer good parking facilities including disables access and a Caravan site with washing and showering facilities.

Coarse Lake

This lake is the oldest lake on the complex, initially being dug in the 1960's, and is home to "Big Jack" the legendary 40lb+ Mirror Carp. Other than monster carp the 1 acre lake is home to specimen Tench, Chub, Rudd, Roach, Perch, and Bream. Other surprises have come out over the years including; Pike, Barbel and even a record breaking Eel! A patient approach will see some of the big carp come out, a favorite tactic is fishing in the margins during the day and floating bait in the evening.

Carp Lake

The Carp Lake, as its name suggests is full of carp (Common, Mirror and Ghosties). The lake however does contain some smaller fish, though the owners are in the process of removing these from the lake. This lake is mainly oblong shaped with a curved bit at the top and goes into a sheltered area adjacent to the barn, which provides good shelter in windy weather. The carp in here are growing to an incredible size, which is not surprising as the amount of bait that gets thrown in. This tends to be the most popular lake on the complex and people are kindly asked to fish from numbered pegs only to avoid overcrowding. It does tend to fish a lot better after teatime, and you do get a discount on the day ticket price after 4pm. The carp average 8b+, so it is no good fishing too light unless the bites aren't forthcoming.

Horseshoe Lake

This is the first lake you see as you enter the complex and is generally regarded as the most picturesque. As its name suggests it takes the shape of a horseshoe and is about 2 acres in size. Fishing is allowed down the middle peninsula. This is a popular match lake, comprising of 40 non conflicting pegs and the wide variety of fish usually ensures that there are very few dry nets. Fish in the lake comprise of specimen Tench, Bream, Barbel, Rudd, Roach and Carp (the biggest weighed to date is a 31lb Ghostie!)

Normans Lake

The final lake has 20 pegs and is situated at the far corner of the site. This is a square lake with 2 islands and a peninsular, about 1 acre in size. Fish can be caught from virtually anywhere on the lake, and again there is a wide variety. The only problem with this lake is after heavy weather the far side tends to flood making that side un-fishable (this problem is being looked at by the owner and will be rectified shortly).


£6.00 per day ticket for up to 2 rods. £4 concessions and after 4:00pm.


Barbless hooks only (no micro-barbs), no hemp, no boilies, no cat/dog food. Sweetcorn and groundbait to be used in moderation. No keepnets to be used other than in matches. Children under 14 years of age to be supervised by an adult.


Leave the A64 at the A19 turnoff (signposted "Designer Outlet") and head towards Selby for about a mile and a half then take the first left turn signposted to Wheldrake. Follow this road for about a mile and the entrance to the farm is on the left (Signposted as Fletchers, Pool Bridge Farm), just before the road passes over a bridge.


YO19 4SQ


Contact Mike or Steve on 01904 633340



This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it