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Scalm Park - Wistow

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Water Name

Scalm Park


There are 3 lakes in total, with about 80 pegs to choose from. There are plenty of features to fish to and also the chance of a carp in excess of 20lbs. Although it is situated in a caravan park it doesn't seem to get as busy as some of the others in the region, but if you want it quiet then midweek is the best time.

The ponds are quite a distance apart and the carp lake is in the middle of the Golf course, and those players who are obviously not up to Tigers? standards can disturb your swim with the errant ball or two. There are power lines running across the ponds so be careful where you fish, and areas are restricted due to the Golf course.

The first pond that you see as you drive through the gates is the smallest front pool, which has recently been dug and stocked with a mix of fish. It is very new and not that inviting when compared to the other two established ponds.

The mixed pond looks a nice water and is used for matches and does go off following a match. It is v - shaped and is quite sheltered on the short side. The water has depths between 4 and 8 ft. There is a mixed bag of fish in here with plenty of reeds and marginal features to target.

Choose your pegs well and don't be scared of moving if it's not working as the locals say that it is very peggy. You can tell the ones that produce the fish as they are quite well worn. Traditional baits will see you catching tench, rudd and bream whilst the bigger baits tend to find out the carp. The best chance of a big fish is to bang the feeder or leger well out and sit tight, you might only get one fish, but generally it will be a good one. The best way of building a good weight is to feed little and often either close in or midwater at about 10 feet out with maggot or worm as a hook bait with hemp as a loosefeed.

The carp lake is in the middle of the golf course, and is long and thin, with the largest expanse of water at the top end unfishable due to the golf and also the power lines. Stocked with plenty of pasties up to 3 lb, with plenty of bigger carp up to mid doubles. There is also a massive head of rudd in the water, which will attack any bait you put out. This water is best fished targeting the margins with a big bait such as meat.


Carp Pond/Horse Shoe £5 for one rod £7.50 for two.
Mixed Pond £4 for one £6 for two.
(Open from dawn to dusk).


Barbless hooks only. No boilies or fires. No fish bigger than 3lb to be kept in keepnets. 2lb minimum line on the carp pond. 


Please see website




01757 210846



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