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Raygill Lakes - Lothersdale

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Water Name

Raygill Lakes


The fishery is situated on the outskirts of Keighley. It is set within stunning scenery, but can be a little exposed when the wind starts to blow. It is very popular with the local community, and as such attracts quite a few youngsters during the school holidays. There are toilet facilities and a place to purchase food. With a road that runs through the complex, makes many of the pegs suitable for anglers with disabilities.

There are three waters at this location that are available for coarse fishing, (2 general coarse lakes and 1 trout lake fishable for pike during the winter season).

Quarry Lake is the largest of the waters at 8 acres, stocked with rainbow trout, brown trout, blue trout and also arctic char. The fish do go big in here with browns to 15lb and rainbows to almost 23 lb. Boat hire is available, but you are advised to pre book them.

The Delph Lake is 3 acres in size and is primarily a trout lake, but you can deadbait for pike during January and February each year. With pike landed over 30lbs, and nettings to remove the coarse fish have revealed pike to 40lbs, as such it does get a bit of attention.

The coarse lake is 3.5 acres in size and has depths to 15 ft in the centre with approximately 5 ft of water at each end. Big carp again dominate in this water with specimens to over 30lbs present. There are 41 pegs to choose from, which are all comfortable with hard standing. The water has a lot of hidden features that makes locating the fish a little bit easier. The best time of the day to catch these fish is in the early morning and also teatime to sunset. As well as these large fish the water also contains fish that average around the 5 lb mark. There is no point fishing too light in this water, as it will end in disappointment.

The final lake on the complex is the smallest at an acre, but still provides 10 pegs from which to fish to. Again for its' size it is very deep with 4 ft at one end and 15 ft at the other. During the summer months sport is very consistent if you are willing to tackle the roach and also the skimmer bream. The best approach to this water is to use simple tactics and fairly light tackle with either maggot or worm on a size 16 or smaller hook. There are carp that run into double figures, with rudd, perch, tench and orfe and gudgeon making up the rest of the stock. It is a very good water for new starters.


Day tickets are £6.00 or £12 for two rods. 

£5 Concession (Under 16, Over 65, Disabled)

4 hr ticket £5

Night Fishing £20 for 24 hrs (non-anglers £5 each per night)

£35 for 48hrs

Fishing From 8.00am, but outside these hours, fishing is available by arrangement.


Open 8am till dusk. Fishing outside these hours by special arrangement.

Single barbless or debarbed hooks only.

No microbarbs allowed.
Semi-barbless treble hooks only allowed when deadbaiting for pike.

Ground bait only allowed in pole cup or feeder. Maximum 1/2 kg.
Rainbow trout only to be taken.

No wading.
No knotted meshed landing nets.

No standing in boats. Life jackets ARE compulsory.

All anglers MUST dip nets BEFORE commencing to fish, unless using a Raygill net.
All litter, nylon and cigarette ends to be taken home or placed in bins provided.
All fishermen must allow bailiffs to inspect their vehicles and fishing equipment on request.
Anglers under 16 years must be accompanied by a person over 18 years old.

All fish taken to be paid for.

Keep nets only to be used in matches.Failure to abide by fishery rules will result in a ban from the fishery.


The water is at Lothersdale between Skipton and Keighley. You need the A629 towards Cross Hills, and just before you get to the police station you need to turn Right into Wheatlands Road, go down here for 2 miles until you get to a crossroads, where you need to turn left, go through Lothersdale and when you get to a T junction, bear left and the waters are about a mile and a half further on.


BD20 8HH


01535 632500 / 631428



This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it