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Mushroom Ponds - South Milford

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Water Name

Mushroom Ponds - South Milford


There are three ponds in the complex. The two far ponds have been present for decades but have in the last eight years been deepened and more effectively stocked. The newest pond adjoining the mushroom farm has now been stocked for four years, it has a mushroom shaped island in the centre which is circled by a deeper moat with shallower areas with reeds and floating plants either side of each station.

All of the ponds have been well stocked with a full range of course fish, comprising all the carp species except grass carp, with many specimens in double weight figures. Bream, Chub, Roach, Rudd, Perch, Tench, Ide and Orf are also present, in addition a few Barbel have been introduced for added interest. The waters are not over stocked and this has allowed the fish to develop to good sizes.

The established ponds are in a secluded setting among natural countryside: they are linked and between them have over fifty pegs. The surrounding land is level with well-maintained grass so facilitating pond side parking for those who are physically challenged.

All the ponds have variable floors, presenting anglers with a challenge: depths alternate with some areas in each pond being over 3 m in depth, and the rest varying between 1 and 2 m.

General vegetation around the ponds is varied and interesting, providing a range of habitats for both fish and wild life alike. The established ponds have a good population of water voles that provide interest and entertainment in between catches!

Close by is Mill Farm Nursery and Tea Rooms - offering wonderful teas in a farm house setting and a very comprehensive range of unusual plants. The Post Office / Village shop now also sells hot drinks and a range of hot snacks or sandwiches and is open from 7am to 7pm.


Day tickets � 5.00

Senior citizens � 4.00

Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult


1. �Fishing from Dawn to Dusk.

2.��Use only Barbless hooks.

3. �Keep nets only allowed for matches, site nets are supplied for�

���these events.

4.��One rod per ticket, additional rods �1.50.

5. �Anybody caught removing fish from the site will be prosecuted.

6. �Management reserve the right to request vehicles to be


7. �Place litter in receptacles provided or take it home, please keep

��the pegs clean and tidy for others to appreciate the setting.

8. �Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

9. �Anglers to remain around the pegs, no untoward wandering,

��respect the vegetation and wildlife around the pond.

10. A current rod licence is required.

11. All ponds can be booked for matches, though there will always

�be ponds available for day tickets.


The ponds are in the village of South Milford, about a mile from the A1M, the A63 Selby Road and Sherburn in Elmet. The ponds are at the end of Mill Lane

Within the village of South Milford but there are two Mill Lanes in South Milford and both have a Mushroom Farm at the end of them, be warned ! We are situated in the Mill Lane that is off High Street, at the junction by the Post Office/village shop. The short new stretch of road called Woodlands Avenue leads directly into Mill Lane, continue up the lane past Mill Farm Nurseries and Tea Rooms into the yard of Select Mushrooms, where you will see the ponds in the field in front of you.


LS25 5AG


John Burden�01977 684693


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