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Forrest Farm Coarse Fishery - York.

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Water Name

Forrest Farm Coarse Fishery - York


There are 3 waters all nicely lined up lengthways behind a length of trees that adds to the seclusion and helps to mask the noise from the busy A19 only 300 yards away. There is a toilet available on the farm, but is a couple of hundred yards away. Many of the pegs now feature hard standing and barge boards, making pegs on ponds 1 and 2 suitable for anglers with disabilities.

The first lake you come to is about � an acre in length and has roughly 10 pegs from which to fish from. Towards the entrance there is a small island that screams fish and can be easily reached with the pole or rod and line from 5 swims.

Marginally there are also plenty of cover and ledges and this for me where I would target my attack. The water also holds good colour which assist with fishing. There is a mixed stock of fish on the venue, with good carp into double figures, with bream, tench, roach and perch also stocked. Floating bread, under the marginal vegetation works really well during bright weather. A good mixture of baits and regular changing should see you catching fish.

The second lake along is similar in size to the first and again has well made pegs for comfortable fishing. There is yet again a central island, with good vegetation that adds to the attractiveness of the water. This water is used for booked matches and has a sensible stocking policy, with a mix of silvers and carp to ensure all year round sport.

The final water on the fishery is situated at the very top end, behind a pumping house. This water has been left untended and is truly wild, as you will see from the picture. It does pose problems in terms of casting as many of the pegs have overhanging trees, and access is not easy if you are carrying a lot of tackle. The challenge is here although, as getting the stock of big tench out the snags can be a real problem. You won't need to tell me where to fish on here, as the fish holding features stand out a mile. The water is a third of the size of the other two lakes, and will only cater for 5 anglers at a maximum.


Day tickets �5.00 on the bank with an extra rod �1.00, Concessions at �3.00. Fishing from 7 am till dusk - open all year


Barbless hooks only, no keepnets, no hemp, boilies or groundbait. Disabled anglers can park their vehicles alongside the pegs only. Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult.


Leave the A64 at the A19 Selby junction, take the A19 towards Selby and after a 1/2 of a mile you will see a white sign that says "Coarse Fishing next Left" The next left is the entrance to the farm, It is easier to go into the farm via the second entrance. Drive down past the barns to fishery signs.


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