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Crimple Carp & Coarse Fisheries - Harrogate

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Water Name

Crimple Carp & Coarse Fisheries - Harrogate


Thanks have to go to Adam Bentley for finding this one, and if he'd been teetotal, it would have stayed undiscovered for a good while longer.

Adam spotted this water whilst sat in the Travellers Rest Pub on Crimple Lane at Harrogate. From the pub, the water looks very inviting as it is tucked away in the valley below. The water is about 2 to 3 acres in size and features a long central island. I suspect that it is a duck and geese holding feature that formed part of the Rudding Park estate.

Facility wise there is a small car park adjacent to the farmhouse, which may be a problem when the water is busy. There is also a toilet close to the water for anglers use. The hosts are very obliging and offer food and drinks at reasonable prices on the bankside. Access down to the water is via a hardcore path that is quite steep. The banks are level and most of the pegs are made from wooden boards that go over the waters edge. A number of these pegs have safety rails around the edges, which would make them suitable for anglers with disabilities, if they had assistance in getting down to the water.

You approach the fishery from the top left hand side of the water. It is in this left hand bank that you will find the greatest depth. There is a good 3 foot of water right in the margins, that shelves further down to 6 foot before levelling out and gradually shelving up to the island. On the nearest bank opposite the island the water is at its shallowest, with most areas only having 18 inches of water in front of the pegs there. This area is quite popular during the warmer months when the carp spend time basking in the warm water. A long pole will gain you access under the bushes to find the fish. On the opposite side of the island the water is a little deeper with 3 to 4 foot. Although the pegs here are difficult due to the number of trees and low branches that would undoubtedly impede your cast with rod and line. At the top right hand side of the water, the lake opens out into the widest spread of free water. Although there are no wooden pegs, the banks are flat smooth well cut grass. This part of the water again ranges from 3 to 5 foot in most places.

The water has a fairly limited stocking policy, but does have a massive head of roach which tend to average 3oz but better fish to over a pound have been caught. This and the deeper water areas on the left hand side of the water as you look at it from the car park will make it a viable winter fishery.

The biggest fish in the water are the carp, there are plenty of commons, mirrors and ghost carp. There are plenty of pastie sized carp, that are products of the original carp stock. Better fish go to over 20lb with the ghost carp to 15lb.

There are massive stocks of deep green tench present and in the right conditions 100lb + nets are easily achievable. The opening times though do not assist with targeting these fish.

Finally there is a good head of bream with fish to over 10lb being reported. There is talk of a rogue chub to 3lb in the water, which the owner would like removing.

Recommend baits: maggot (top bait here), caster, worm, meat and corn.


Day tickets £6.00
£2.00 per extra rod


Strictly barbless hooks, no microbarbs
Unhooking mats for carp, and all anglers must be in possession of an assembled landing net.
Under 14's must be accompanied by an adult.
No keepnets or sacking of fish
No nuts, boilies or particle baits or loose feeding of sweetcorn.
No method feeders or bolt rigs.
Anglers to be no more than one peg from their rod.
No dogs, excessive noise, radios, fires or litter.
No fish to be removed - random checks made


On entering Harrogate via Wetherby Road, go past the Kestrel pub on the left hand side. Follow the road on and prior to getting to the entrance to the Yorkshire Show ground on the left hand side there is a left turn into Rudding Lane. Take this road and then take the first right onto Crimple lane. Approx 100 yards on the left hand side is the entrance to the fishery.


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