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Folly Wood Fishery - Huby

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Water Name

Folly Wood Fishery


Folly Wood Fishery has been developed over the last 7 years, and consists of two lakes capable of accommodating 60 anglers.The lakes are set within 41 acres of woodland. The lakes hold a good stock of fish:- In the larger of the lakes, the carp run up to 10lbs and up to 20lbs in the other lake. With good shoals of roach, bream, ide, tench, perch and rudd in both lakes.


Day Ticket: £5 for 1 rod. Night fishing/camping £20 per 24hrs, (by prior arrangement only). Extra Rod Price: £1


Day tickets from 7.30am to 7.30pm or sunset, whichever comes first.                        Night fishing runs from 2 pm to 2 pm.                                                                    Barbless hooks only.                                                                                           Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.                                              No dogs or guns.                                                                                                 Fishing from pegs only.                                                                                        Poles may be floated on water providing a float is attached and in the water.              The owners are in no way responsible for any loss, damage or injury to either persons or property sustained whilst on the property.


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YO61 3ER


01347 810 617


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