The Matches

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Yorkshire Fishing fun matches were started a number of years ago as part of introducing members into match style fishing but without the competitive side of things I.E. fishing for money, They are also used so members can meet one and other rather than just reading their posts via the site also putting faces to names.
The matches are run using AnglingTrust match rules which can be read in the matches area on the forums.The matches are organized by the Mods Hammy and Naf, Even Daz helps out when needed!!!

Any member wishing to fish the matches needs to book on using through the forums. Putting their name down a couple weeks before each match. Anglers of all capabilities fish our matches you do not need to be Bob Nudd to enter it is all about enjoying yourself with fellow members, It is not about who finishes 1st or last, Their are always members who are willing to give advice please do not hesitate to ask.

The matches were restarted by MGHill / Hammy / Daz in 2007. Since that time there has been a few changes MGHill has stopped fishing to take up golf! and Daz has stepped aside to run other areas of the site so now the match organisers are Hammy and Naf - All members are willing to help though if we are short on staff members!

The matches are great! everyone who comes enjoys themselves. The matches are run over the summer period, with usually 6 or 7 matches in the league(must stress this is a fun league only - Unless your called Daz or Naf(who cheats by the way!!) ) The matches are fished with all but your worst result counting so you get a little lea way if you have a bad day...

So... What are we fishing for you ask? well - Pride, bragging rights and the above trophy.

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