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Southfield Reservoirs - Cowick

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Water Name

Southfield Reservoirs - Cowick


Although it may look like one massive reservoir, Southfield is actually made up of two very large expanses of waters, they are separated by a piece of land of about 10 feet wide, both waters feed the Aire & Calder Canal navigation.

They are quite shallow as reservoirs go, with an average depth of 4 feet.

Bream tactics seem to work best at this water, fishing into the wind with a slight bend in your tip, a good cast is needed, 40-50-60 yards is not unusual, and a few casts to your chosen spot at the beginning of your session is a must, once the shoal find you, there is a good chance they will stay.

Both good nets of Bream and Roach are possible here, 60lb nets of Bream are not exceptional, the average stamp is about 3-4lb, and 30lb nets of roach are just as common

A ground bait approach for both species should see you do well, worm tips, caster, maggot, corn will keep most species in this water entertained.

A couple of warnings for the want of a better word, the lakes are used by sailing clubs and on a summer weekend, it can get quite busy, most seem to be quite respectful of the anglers using the water.

Also note the banks are quite rocky, so boots and platforms are a good idea.


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