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5 Acre Fishing Lake - North Cave

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Water Name

5 Acre Fishing Lake


This lake has been open since March 2012 and is stocked with  roach, bream, tench, gudgeon, perch and carp.
This lake is very deep in places, averaging 25 feet but does shallow up to 8ft towards the west end. There is fair bit of weed in the shallows and marginal areas but there are clearer spots further out into the lake. There are around 25 pegs made up mainly of wooden platforms but there are a few grassy areas between for anyone wanting to use bank sticks but it may be precautionary to take a rod pod just in case if you want to fish with rod and reel.

This venue has recently had a stocking of fish over the last 6 years with plenty of small carp going in which presently average 7lb to 9lb but these are slowly packing on weight as more anglers fish the venue and put bait in.

If you like float fishing or using a pole, keep the bait going in little and often and  and the fish will come up in the water.
If you like fishing on the bottom with a feeder or pva bags for the carp make sure your tackle is strong enough as the carp here will head straight for any weed beds!
Bait wise, the carp love sweetcorn or good quality boilies. So if you are fishing for the smaller fish with sweetcorn make sure you use a stronger than usual hook length in case the carp move in.

East end of lake

West end of lake


Adult (1 rod) £6. (Extra rod) £3
Juniors (U16) £4.50 (Extra rod) £2
Under 5's free with adult.
Night only £15 (6pm to 7.30am)
Night (U16) £10 (6pm to 7.30am)
24hrs £20 (up to 2 rods)
Usually closed on a Wednesday but phone to check.


Environment agency rod licence required.
Barbless hooks - crushed barbs and micro barbs not permitted.
No fixed leads.
No keepnets.
Any fish bigger than 2lb must be returned immediately.
No cat/dog food.
No high oil or sinking trout pellets.
Anyone fishing for carp must have an unhooking mat and a minimum 36" landing net.
No radios except with an ear piece.


Directions - From the A63 head into North Cave, turn right for South Cave down Station Road then along Sands Lane. Turn right opposite the marjorams nurseries into Mires Lane. Follow that all the way down until you get to a bend in the road with a track going straight on the bend. Follow this track all the way down and the lake is on your right hand side. Its the second lake with a big pair of wooden gates.


HU15 2QP


Sadie Hubbard on 07966 282615 & 01430 422941.

Facebook page

Five Acre Lake


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