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Brough Complex Ponds

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Water Name

Brough Complex Ponds


These are Hull and District Association waters.

Osprey Lake

This is the largest lake on the complex at roughly 17 acres in size. Developed as a big carp water.

Access to this venue is only available to holders of a special Osprey Permit; these are currently limited to a maximum of 45. Permits are regulated through a waiting list.

The fishery is incredibly rich in natural food and is proofing an excellent growing environment for the 200+ carp stocked. Many have achieved weights in excess of 20lb, within three years of being stocked at weights of 5-7lb. Several are even in excess of 30lb and seem to average 5lb growth rates per year, the biggest landed in 2010 was 28lb 6oz. Set to become the Association’s premier carp venue.

Osprey Lake

Hawk Pond

Is a 6 acre lake formed when the "arm" across the main lake was extended.

Excellent roads provide full vehicle access around the venue, and allow for parking next to each swim, eliminating the need to carry tackle long distances. The pond can accommodate up to 40 anglers on pegs that, as far as possible, are wheelchair accessible.

The venue contains excellent stocks of tench, plus roach, rudd, perch, pike and carp. Members have reported tench to 7lb 12oz, bream to 12lb, carp over 18lb and pike to 25lb. Hawk is included in the Association’s restocking program, beginning in 2009 with 400 small tench added. 2010 saw 450lb of bream to 8lb, 280lb of roach, 1000 ide stocked with a further 400 small tench and 500lb of mixed silver fish to be introduced before Spring 2011.

Hawk Pond

Kingfisher Pond

This horseshoe shaped pond is approximately 10 metres wide and is 2 metres deep.

It has been specifically designed and stocked for the use of our junior members. It has 16 permanent pegs, and is heavily stocked with roach, rudd, chub, carp, ide, tench and bream.

Float-fishing is the successful method, all baits are eagerly taken, especially maggots, sweet corn and bread.

Angling in this pond is strictly restricted to juniors and coaching sessions only.

Avocet Pool

A purpose designed and dug venue of some 2 acres, flat-bottomed with a consistent depth interspersed with plateaux and islands.

There are 13 permanent pegs, all with vehicle access and swim-side parking. Designed to provide comfortable fishing it is sheltered from east winds by a clay bund and from the west by a developing line of hawthorns. Despite the venue being only three years old, it is maturing nicely.

The ubiquitous Norfolk-reed now fridges the pool, and the planted English Alba lilies and bank-side shrubs are now coming through.

Stocked to provide a traditional style of angling; with tench, rudd and crucian carp being the target species. Introductions over the last two years means the pool can now boast; 800+ tench to 4lb, 1000+ crucians to 2lb and 1000+ rudd and golden rudd, the biggest of which are in excess of 1lb.

The lack of predators means the fish should breed well, improving sport it the coming years.


£38 per year for adults with an initial £10 joining fee. Over 65's £22 per year with a £10 joining fee. Under 17's £10 per year with free joining fee. For other concessions and prices for night permits see the HDAA web site.


See web site


Leave the A63 at the Brough/Elloughton exit. Turn onto Common Lane and continue over the manned railway crossing keep on down the single track lane and the complex is on the right


None available


Jason Dickinson on 079385651245



Contact details on web site.