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Moorfield Farm Fishery - Goole.

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This water boasts a newly opened purpose built match lake, to compliment the established pleasure lake. The waters are situated on farmland which offer plenty of parking and also an on site toilet. If you should get on a match there refreshments will also be available. The banks are very flat, although they may become boggy in winter, which allows good access for those with disabilities. There is hard standing that goes around the waters with metal platforms from which to fish.

Both the waters sit side by side, but the match lake is looking a bit barren at the moment, but each peg does offer a far bank to fish to.

There are 54 pegs available on this new water, which hold loads of carp in the 2 to 3 lb bracket and also some small barbel, which will grow like mad on the bucket loads of bait that tends to accompany the regular matches. There has also been a stocking of grass carp, which must have taken some effort on behalf of the owner. What the match lake does offer though is to give the pleasure angler the chance to fish the old lake in peace knowing that a match the previous day hasn't fed the fish off. The water ranges from 3ft down to 6 foot in many of the pegs. The water is about 3/4 of an acre in size.

The pleasure pool was dug about three years ago and already boasts some good fish with carp over 20lb being caught in the last 6 months. There are also plenty of other fish such as crucians, tench, bream and roach. It is a bit more pleasant with trees surrounding the water. It is fairly shallow at 3 ft over the main part of the water but there are deeper parts towards the central at 6 foot, which make good feeder tactics in the colder months. This water covers just over an acre in size

The fish in both lakes have really switched onto pellets (must be fish friendly - no raw trout pellets) and these, if fed over the bait will attract the fish into your swim. As the weather warms, the water does fish very well with 50lb bags very common to either waggler or pole anglers. Maggot will always produce, but larger baits will often sort out a better stamp of fish.


Day Tickets £5.00, under 16's £3.00 available on the bank


Barbless hooks only, no groundbait or boilies. No night fishing, no keepnets other than in matches.


Directions - leave the M62 at junction 36 and take the A161 south and pass over the revived River Don and into Old Goole. Once in Old Goole you need to turn right into Cottingham Street, go right to the end of this road and the fishery signs are visible - so follow these then.


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