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Fish Ponds Farm Fishery - Bridlington

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Water Name

Fish Ponds Farm Fishery - Bridlington


This fishery, located in a mature and dense Woodland offers fantastic sport with a wealth of species. Consisting of three, well stocked ponds of different sizes, the fishery is an ideal place to go if the wind is blowing, due to it's sheltered nature.

Main Pond (Adjacent to the Car Park) -
This pond of about an 1.5 Acres in size offers fantastic sport for all types of angler.
With depths to around 5ft, less in some places, it is stocked with Roach to 2lbs+, Rudd to 1lb+, Crucians/Brown Goldfish to 2lbs+, Bream to 4lbs+, Tench to 4lbs+, Perch to 2lbs+ and Carp well in to double figures. With lilly beds, visible weed beds dotted around and an Island to fish to, this pond is very picturesque and can produces large pleasure catches. Any method can catch, with Pole and Waggler being popular. Maggots will catch you small silvers all day long, however to get through to better fish, look to fish Corn, Meat or Pellet. Don't rule out Prawns and Mussel for the tench too. The Carp can put in an appearance at random, but can be targeted specifically with large cubes of meat or pellets to the island or in the margins in the far corner of the pond. They are also quite susceptible to surface tactics.

Back/Top Pond -
This pond of about 1 Acre in size is set to the rear of the Main Pond and offers fantastic mixed sport througout the season. It is quite shallow, going down to about 3ft at most and contains a very dense stock of fish. This pond contains Roach to 2lbs, Rudd to 1lbs+ Crucians/Brown Goldfish/Goldfish to 2lbs+, Bream to 2lbs and Carp in to Double figures, with lots of fish between 2-10lbs. There is no need to fish far out and most anglers fish no more than a few meters from the bank and the fish can be caught within a foot of the bank in most pegs. This pond is thick with small silvers and you may struggle to get through the bits on maggot, so for quality try Meat and Corn, under the rod tip. Pellet will also catch. Large bits of Meat and Pellet will, with some perseverance will catch the Carp. The Carp can be caught in qute good numbers, on the right day, off the top, with mixers being the top bait.

Small pond (At the end of the Main Pond) -
This pond, of about half an Acre is quite intimate and overgrown in places. With a central lily bed, and overhangs to fish to, this pond is a bit of an unknown quantity as to what it contains, as it is seldom fished. It does contain Roach and Rudd to over 1lb, a head of bream to 2lbs, Crucians to 2lbs aswell as a couple of quite large carp that can sometimes be seen jumping out. This pond is also rumoured to contain a few very large Perch, certainly in excess of 3lbs. This pond is best fished on the Waggler, due to it's intamacy, with maggots. Although Corn, Meat or Pellet should find you some better fish.




  • Fishing from 7am-Sunset - NO NIGHT FISHING
  • No access to the fishery unless you are an Angler - i.e. No looking around
  • No Anglers under the age of 16, unless accompanied by and experienced adult angler
  • No Dogs
  • No Firearms or Fires
  • No fishing in between pegs - Please fish from designated areas only
  • No line over 10lbs b/s - Hooklengths to be used at all times
  • Barbless hooks only
  • No Method feeders, Leadcore, leaders etc
  • No Groundbait, Hemp, Nuts or Tares.
  • No Keepnets


When coming in to Bridlington on the A614, continue through the lights (where you would turn right in to Bridlington down Bessingby Rd.)

on to the A165 and look for a road on your left signposted 'Woldgate'. Vice versa from Scarborough, on the A615, turn right here before the Bessingby road Junction. Turn down here (Woldgate) and follow the road for about 3/4 of a mile until you go down in to a dip. The fishery is on your right after a 'stone wall'. Take care as it is only single track and people can drive a bit quick on there, the fishery can be missed too, but it is signposted on the entrance


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01262 605873


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