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Pastures Fish Pond - Halsham

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Water Name

Pastures Fish Pond


Pastures Fish pond is a privately owned man made pool of about two and a half Aares set in a quiet rural surroundings. There are 50 comfortable swims to choose from, some of which have platforms dug into the banks which are flat.

There is a central island and the pond is spring fed, with an average depth of 6 feet. The pond holds a good head of carp, tench and rudd along with some eels and a few perch. There is a whole mixture of carp, including ghosts and crucian. They are mostly in the 8lb to 12lb range but there are reputedly specimens to 20lb. The tench are of a good stamp up to 7lb while rudd runs up to 2lb.

Pole and waggler are the man methods on this pond with maggots, sweetcorn and meat as top hook baits. Fish can come from anywhere around the pond but the best catches come from around the island especially fro the carp. Floaters are very effective for the carp during the warm spells. Don’t ignore the margins ether- fish right under your rod tip for the bits and tench, loose feeding little and often to hold the fish in your swim.

Pastures Pond - June 2010

Comment added:

If you like ghost carp this is the place to be. I had one of my best days fishing here. 15+ and they were all good size and well looked after. Luncheon meat up near the islands seems to do the trick.


Day tickets: £5, £3.50, concessions £2 for extra rod. £4 after 5pm. Pay on backside.


Barbless Hooks Only (No Microbarbs) No Keepnet No Boilies, Blood Worm or Joker No Groundbait - loose feed only, No line, litter, and tins or cigarette ends to be left at your peg. No cat/dog meat to be used in the pond. No large Carp pellets etc (Ringer pellets are aloud) do not flick cigarette ends into the water - the carp eat them and choke to death. No surface fishing (ducks will eat the bait) Match Booking can be arranged - contact Howard, No night fishing (6.00am - 10.00pm)

Under no circumstances are any fish to be removed from the fishery. Anybody found doing so will face prosecution.


From Burstwick take the B1362 (Withernsea Road) to Halsham. Just before you get to the village the entrance is on a bend in the road with a track leading into a field. The pond is sign posted.


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Howard Sadler, tel: 01964. 670489 or mobile tel: 07774 691377


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