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Leeds and Liverpool Canal

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Water Name

Leeds and Liverpool Canal



This stretch of the canal on the outskirts of Bradford is best known for the huge shoals of skimmer Bream and Roach. Keighley Ac is the controlling authority with a little over 3/4's of a mile of fishing to have a go at. It also covers the Jackson Bay area of the canal adjacent to the similar named farm that is renowned as a winter fishery where the bream, roach and pike gather as the weather drops cold.

The water only features between 4 foot and 6 foot along the majority of its length, but does have marginal shelves at both sides. If you have a long pole the far bank is on average about 14 metres away, making the far bank shelf accessible.

As stated above the main fish encountered are the bream and the roach, which average 5oz and 7oz respectively. But the Roach do go to 2lb and bigger bream have been taken at 5lb. Chopped worm over a dark coloured groundbait works very well. The worm also attracts the perch, which have been taken again to 2 1/2 lb. Although fairly nomadic there are some very big carp in the water, with fish just short of 30lb taken every now and again. Pike can provide good sport the whole year through, with lots and lots of jacks but bigger fish in the high doubles. There are a few tench and chub, but they do not feature heavily in nets, but better fish to 3lb and a 1 1/2lb have been caught.

The Jackson's bay is used for turning boats, which can be busy through the summer. I suppose the disturbance of the boat turning helps stir up the feed, as a result it does tend to be busier here than on the other stretches. Carp anglers using specimen gear can also be found here. I would take maggot, caster, worm and meat or boilies if targeting the carp.

Day Tickets must be bought in advance from the Bradford, tackle shops. Fishing from sun up to sun down only.

Directions - you can park on the Jackson's Farm land for the princely sum of 50p a day, with the security that goes with that you cannot complain. To get there A629 and where it meats the junction of the A6034 follow this to Silsden. Go over the canal and you need to take a left turn into Elliott Street. Follow this road down and you will come to the farm at the bottom. There is footbridge access to the far bank.


Skipton is a lovely bustling market town that has an easily accessible mixed fishing right through the centre of town. British Waterways not surprisingly own and lease the water and are responsible for issuing day tickets.

The stretch of water runs from the the supermarket near the train station on Belmont Street and runs through the centre and turns to the right and the stretch ends by the bus station. There is also a short dead end stretch that runs up behind the castle.

It is well known for its roach fishing with big shoals of fish that average between 4 and 6oz in size. These shoals have also attracted good numbers of pike with many doubles in the water. These respond well to lures and also live and deadbaits.

There are also lots of skimmers and rudd in the water although a pound is a good sized fish.

With the number of people feeding the ducks a good head of carp can also be seen on bright days picking off what the ducks don't get. Most fish run to low double figures with the odd fish being reported approaching 20lb.

Maggot and pinkie fishing will see you with plenty of bites the year round. Corn and caster will account for better fish.

Directions - Skipton lies just off the A65, best access to the canal can be found is via Coach Street with convienant parking. There is limited acces points off Water Street and Belmont Street.

Day tickets available from the bank, Pets Paradise on Newmarket Street used to do tickets also.


Clubs / Associations set their own prices, please check with stretch owner.


Clubs / Associations set their own rules, please check with stretch owner.


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