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Aire and Calder Canal

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Water Name

Aire and Calder Canal


Leeds centre
Fishing is avaliable from the start of the canal in Leeds city centre down to Woodlesford lock. This stretch is controlled by Leeds and district ASA and day tickets can be purchased from the usual Leeds outlets.
Access for the top of the length is via Goodman street or at Woodlesford lock for the lower half.
The canal contains all the usual species you would expect to find on this kind of water

Allerton Bywater has 74 pegs from the road bridge at Woodlesford down to the road bridge at Fleet Lane on the Tow Path side . There are 12 pegs on the opposite side from the bridge at Fleet Lane to opposite the Boating Marina entrance. In the Cut Back which is for pleasure Anglers only there are some 6 - 8 pegs.
The length has all types of fish present from the odd Barbel to the increasing Dace population but is predominately Bream/Roach and Chub with the Match Record standing at 97lbs 12oz made up of Bream and Chub. Carp and Tench are also present and they are caught mainly in the pleasure pegs in the Cut Back .
Depths average approx 10 ft but in pegs 10/11 and 12 can go down to 15 ft. Swimfeeder is the favorite method with Worm Caster/Maggot for the Bream whilst Caster/Hemp and Tares comes into its own in the cooler months for the Roach.

There are no Day tickets available but Year Books can be bought from any local Tackle Shop for £16.00 which also includes Lowther Lake and the nearby Oxbow Lake.

map link here


Whitley Lock to Great Heck

Mirfield AC now control the fishing from the M62 bridge to the next bridge at Great Heck, this length totals around 1.75 miles. Again wide and deep, the pole is the number one tactic here with nets of skimmers and roach to over 30lb winning most matches. Simple baiting with chopworm/caster and/or maggot over a little groundbait score well or even a tiny feeder if its very windy.
Access can be gained via the road to Whitley lock, just off junction 34 of the M62 or in Great Heck village.
Day tickets are available from the usual Mirfiled club outlets, see web site for details.

Great Heck to Goole

The fishing here is controlled by the Boothferry Aire and Calder Joint Canal Committee which is acctualy made up of 18 different local angling clubs all having equel access rights, rules and day ticket prices.
This 11 mile long stretch of canal is like the majority of its length, wide and deep. Around 30 meters wide and down to around 12 foot in the middle.
The target species are roach, bream, skimmers and a few perch and odd chub and eels with pole fished worm, caster or maggot accounting for the best nets of fish.
All of the member clubs, rules and match bookings can be found on the BACJCC web site and is well worth checking out before planning a trip here, there is also some very good access point maps in the gallery section.

Below is a taste of what to expect on this venue

If You live in East Yorkshire and are looking for a canal venue for roach, look no further than the Aire and Calder Canal at Pollington East Yorkshire. High double - figure nets are regularly taken by pleasure anglers, including some increasingly large specimens.

Local match man and Pollington resident Trevor Banks lives close to the venue and reveals the hotspots to be opposite the moored boats from Pegs 405 to 420. Pegs 411 to 415 are especially fruitful. "These boats definitely bring the fish in," says Trevor.

The stretch is busiest during weekends, as you'll avoid the immense barges that run up and down during the week and spoil the fishing.

Pole and feeder are the top methods on this venue, which has depths of 9ft or so at seven meters out and responds well to a positive ground bait assault. Kick start your swim with four large 'jaffa'-sized balls, holding casters, hemp and pinkie, at a distance you can comfortably fish, about seven meters.

A good mix for pole fishing the venue is a 50/50 blend of Van Den Eynde World Champion and Superoach Black.

Species: Roach, skimmers, eels, bream, chub, perch and gudgeon. Best baits: Pinkies, squalls, maggots.


Clubs / Associations set their own prices, please check with stretch owner.


Clubs / Associations set their own rules, please check with stretch owner.


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Trevor Banks / 01405 860210


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