Renny Lake - East Harlsey

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Water Name

Renny Lake


Someone has put quite a lot of thought into this water and is will cater for all types of anglers. The water is a peculiar shape, it features three islands and has an average depth of about 6 ft in most places. It is still quite young and will benefit even further with time to allow the surroundings time to grow. At present there are still plenty of marginal reeds to fish to.

A number of the pegs have wooden platforms and with the assistance of the friendly folk, most of the water is suitable for persons with disabilities. There are toilets on site with plenty of parking.

Each of the 51 pegs on the water will provide you with some sort of feature to fish to, even if it's just the marginal shelf. The islands do hold fish and a swimfeeder in tight can be a good method to get you amongst them.

There are loads of carp that run to almost 15lb but average nearer the 5 to 6lb mark. Any of the established carp baits will take them, but be prepared to wait for them to find your bait and keep plenty of free offerings going in there. There are also some very nice chub in here that have a fancy for luncheon meat, they run to over 4lb. There are also tench (3lb), rudd and roach over the 1lb mark. The regulars promote taking plenty of different hook baits with you, as a change of bait will take extra fish if the swim goes quiet. Have a word with the bailiff he'll tell you what the best tactics for the day is.

The baits that I would take with me are maggot, worm, meat and bread. Feed on a little and often basis. Be mindful that a lot of the carp do run big, and in the warmer months you will need to beef up your tackle.


Renny Lakes now has 3 lakes of which you can fish.
The larger lake is stocked with a wide variety of fish although not massive they provide steady sport when fishing upto the islands. the first and newest lake which is ajacent ot the carpark has a good head of silver fish running to thepound mark. the smallest and furthest away from the carpark lake I am unsure about the size of the fish.


Day Ticket: £5


No keepnets. All fish MUST be returned. All fish MUST be landed with the use of a landing net. Children under twelve MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times and share a peg with a confident adult angler.


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